Saturday, December 20, 2014

Visiting the Lewis family, then Krispy Kreme's (yah!)

We left home at 9:10 am and got home almost 12 hours later. Yikes. First we went to Leederville for some coffee and toast, then to Greg's place to meet his family, then to Steven and Tash to deliver Mila's birthday present a year late (bad spanner!) before visiting the new Krispy Kreme factory in Whitfords...yep, they are still the best dougnuts ever (EVER!).

Slagtertjie, dankie vir al daai biere, jo, ek was lui na daai sessie maar die suiker vannie doughnuts het darem gehelp, haha!

PS: To regular viewers; do these photo's looks any good, or different to normal?

On the way for brekkie in Leederville. Karla and Gene with the Timmy Trumpet poster.

Also in Leederville, just outside the Kailis Fish & Chips shop.

Gene feeding Steven and Tasha's choocks, while Karla, Steven and the two dogs (Lulu and Tui) look on.

Steven's Pineapple,....or is it Tasha's?

I want to steal Lulu. beautiful Silky Terrier. Mind you, would steal Tui too ;-)

After almost a year little Mila finally got her birthday present. X

Cool idea!

Karla and Tui.

Slagtertjie with some of his hand-made sausage rolls. Was woes lekker! Thanks broer.

The queue of cars at the 24 hour drive through at the first (and only) Krispy Kreme store in WA.
Looks carefully, the line is 3 cars deep, and this was 6:15 pm, weeks after the store opened. Crazy!

Yep, still AWESOME!

Gene and Philip with their cool KK caps on ;-)