Saturday, February 24, 2018

The patio is done and we put the soakwells in this morning. Hard work, but done and pleased with it.

The guys from Grand Patio's (Dixon Rd, Rockingham) finished the patio roof on Thursday, so all that remains is the paving. As the roof is ~50 sq.m, proper drainage for the down-pipes was important. 

We bought some Enviro-cubes (polypropylene cubes) from Reese's Plumbing (also on Dixon Rd) plus the other bits and pieces (90mm PVC pipe, 90 degree bends, geo-textile fabric etc). These cubes are great, as they can handle 1,000kg load, so there is no worries about sagging into the future. We started at 6:30am and were all done at midday, before it got really hot. Wohoo!

Can't wait to have it all done so we can chill. Soon....

Just before 7am and the digging began. Luckily WA soil is very sandy, so not that hard to dig in.

Eugene busy on the hole for the second soakwell.

Almost 700mm deep, with Lily doing inspections every minute or so...

Karla, being nearly 18, gets up a little later than the rest of us.
She started at around 8am, but was flying along. 

Second hole 700mm down.

One of the cubes wrapped in geo-cloth, which keep the sand out.

90mm Drain pipes in, levels checked, and we start to back-fill.

All done! Now all that remains is paving.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sorting the retic and shed concrete before the patio & paving...(next week Thu & Friday)

Mini-skip for the grass to be removed for the new paving.

Sean ripping up the lawn we took 3 years to maintain. Eisch!

Geno helped me dig up the retic so we could remove, and bypass the old system.
Don't want any leaks under the paving...

Soon, ...soon I can sit back and watch him do it all :-)

Gene in a hole he dug,...for no reason,...just for fun, the WA heat. Lekker mal.