Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Freo visit and some snaps of Lily-baby

A 1958 (I think) Ford Thunderbird parked in the artsy precinct in Freo. 
Karla outside one of the many boutique bookstores.

Karla doing a Henna pattern on Karin's back. The pigment stains the skin for around a week and then disappears completely.

Lilly baby!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Thunder Storm (a small one) over our house.

Some 30 second exposures at f/8 or f/9, with my old (circa 2011!!) Canon 600D.

...and just like that, Karla has finished school...surreal...

We are blessed and so thankful that Karla, our princess, was able to receive good schooling and to finish year-12 (matric) on Friday. She wrote her last subject (Phys Ed studies) then, finishing at 16:30, and that was that. After so many years, and so many cities, she has shown herself to be made of tough-stuff. Yes, pride is bursting from Karin and I, but we also thank God for holding all of us in his hands.

As usual, some pictures to commemorate this (for our family) momentous event,...celebrated in the first instance at Krispy Kreme...

The morning of Karla's last exam, and thus last day at school.
I had taken a day's leave, and was busy pouring a concrete slab, thus the high-vis and hat.

4:45pm. Game over! All done. Just look at that smile X

A huge hug from a very proud mum!...

...and from Geno...

...and a kiss from a very proud dad!

Exhausted, but happy, waiting for her Krispy Kreme sugar fix ;-)

On Saturday we invited some friends over for a braai to celebrate with us, and Scott arrived a little earlier.
Well done to him too; he finished school a couple of days before Karla.

The Neuman and Vuyk families enjoying the breeze, as it was a hot day.


Chops, boerie and Scarfo's famous Garlic Chicken (which was superb again).

Later that evening Lily looked like I felt, haha! Pap tyres.

Now, looking forward to one of these (thanks Jakkals and Briar!) on ice.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Quick Weekend Update...

Watched Eugene play basketball, gave Lily her summer trim (what a job!) and started the slab for the woodshed....yes, can't move today. Also, our princess Karla is in the throws of her Year 12 final exams. Stressful time for her, but she's certainly put in the hard-yards, so she had done very well as far as we are concerned. X.

Geno having one of Karla's delicious choc-brownies for brekkie before basketball practice on Saturday morning.

Our baby-girl before her trim. Cute, hey?

Look into my eye...

Doing some drills with a focus on improving their goal shooting.

Action man ;-)

Poor Karla and her Human Bio study material scattered all over the desk. X.

Part of the new woodshed slab boxing and base prepared, ready for concrete.

One third done, two more to go...