Saturday, April 14, 2018

Herfs lambraai en lekker dak natmaak.

Ons eerste herfs braai en lekker dak natmaak saam pelle. Dankie almal dat ek nou 5kg swaarder is; jullie is bad spanners!

Lekker rustig. 
Slagter besig met sy brood special. Wenner!

Jakkals keeping an eye on the Amelia Park lambs.

Nou braai ons, en...

...dan is 'n Boer op sy happy'ste.

Karla, Mila and a Kindle,...and an Instax camera that Mila found fascinating. 
The games of our youth are now the games of their youth. Proud in a weird kinda way.

Steven gooi'ing "moves". 

Pense vol en chill nou by die warmte.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Our Grand Final Champ!

Very proud! Eugene's team won the U12 Boys Group A Summer Series. Well done! Wohoo!

(Sad and disappointed in myself though; I was "off"' yesterday. I think there is some residual infection messing with my mood/health).

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Feilding and Manawatu Gorge visit, plus dinner in Ahuriri

On Monday morning we took the drive from Hastings down to Feilding. It is normally a two hour trip, but we stopped at nearly every town and touristy spot, so it took five hours. When we arrived in Feilding we spent a really festive and happy evening with our hosts Shaun & Carol (thanks again guys).

Shaun had to work early on Tuesday, so we also made our way back to Hastings at ~9am, and stopped at the Gorge for an hour hike too. Brought back a lot of kiwi bush-hiking memories.

Hastings Farmers Market - much the same as 8 years ago.

Bluff Hill overlooking Ahuriri.

Something you still see absolutely everywhere here; corner stores (or dairies as they are called here).

Saw this cool, rear-engined 4-cylinder Subaru ute in Norsewood.
Numberplate? Nah, don't need it. How many of these could there possibly be, haha.

Quick lunch stop in Woodville, in a quaint coffee shop.

A part of the Te Apiti wind farm, which is on the Saddle Road. One can no longer use the
Gorge Rd following some large land slides (slips).

Getting ready for the Gorge hike; a short, 3km walk through the bush to a lookout.

The Manawatu river and the start (at one end) of the Manawatu Gorge.

The hike starts at the base of the bridge, at the Western end of the gorge.

Typical NZ bush scenes all around.

Once we got home, we stopped at the local fruit shop (called The Fruit Shop), for
another local favorite; freshly made fruit ice-cream.

For our "last supper" in Napier, we stopped at The Boardwalk Beach Restaurant on Hardinge Rd.

Mango milkshake and Lemon-Lime and Bitters.