Sunday, September 24, 2017

Swan River Boat Trip - Happy Birthday Mandy!!

Last night we went out for a 3 hour boat cruise on the Swan River to celebrate Mandy's XXth birthday. The weather forecast did not look so good, but it turned out to be a very nice,  calm evening on the water. Ate too much though...., eisch!

Dankie Mandy en Beat, dit wat baie lekker julle!

The Paddle Boat Steamer (yes, it runs on steam), called the "P.S. DECOY", ready for us to board her in South Perth.
The fore-deck looking back towards the jetty/pier.

Chillax time...

About 40 minutes into the cruise, with the music just starting and everyone well fed :-)
This is the well sheltered aft-deck.

Die Boksom Bende...

Buddies :-)  :-)

The afore-mentioned steam engine (now diesel powered).
Also, it was beautifully warm in here, but apparently in summer this space is deserted...

On our way back to the pier, with the bridge over the Narrows just ahead.
Back safe-and-sound, and spot-on 9pm.

Elmars & Chocolate Factory with the De Klerk, Vuyk and Bann clan's

Travelled the 48 minutes (if you go the right way...) to Swan Valley and had a "lekker" lunch with our chommies from down-South. Some photos below as usual (too tired to write too much).

A "wille-pille" mint-green Holden parked outside Elmar's when we arrived. Beauty!

Prost! Just waiting for Petie and family to arrive. 
Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, Nachos...

A wide shot of the space under the "afdak" area.

Whose big boys are these? Surely not ours?! Where have the little blokes gone??!


Karla fetching the footy ball after Nickey (aka Hockey-Foot Vuyk) kicked it over the fence ;-)

Karin took me for a dance for my birthday haha! Dankie lief XX

Mooiste-mooi. X

'Sana op haar foon, en Louis diep in gedagte.

Nickey en Elize drink water...hulle will roes ;-)

Ja, en toe nog poeding ook by Margaret River Chocolate Factory.