Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sony RX100 flexing it's "muscles"

This little camera and Zeiss lens still impress me each time I use it. One day I'll have a full-frame camera and only Zeiss primes (lenses)...

The following photo's were snapped at Gino's this morning (where else?)

...and Geno trying on some footy boots at Jim Kidd's

...and then this evening finally getting my manual focus settings tuned 
(and it impressed me. Man this camera rocks!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A day of political turmoil and history (...and Mandela nearing the end).

Wow, so after being ousted as leader 3 years and 2 days ago, Kevin-07 has put his hand up and toppled Julia to take the top-job once more. It was like watching a political version of Packed to the Rafters, haha! Thanks goodness they've sorted it though; what a fiasco it's been.

Personally, I also prefer Rudd over Abbott...

Kevin's victory being announced...

Julia, dignified in defeat...and out of politics.

...and K-Rudd back at the helm. Let's see how this goes.

...and it looks like Madiba will soon depart this world. Sad; he is a good man.

Mandela, clearly ill, and these may be the last images we see of him.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

One week to go, and IKEA bits to build....(+ sore hands from screwing in all those screws!)

It's been a busy two folks are almost here, so it was a case of getting our there and getting things ready. Most of the "big"stuff is done, like buying and building a day bed from our friendly neighborhood IKEA :-). Actually a very nice, super comfortable couch and bed. When "deployed" it is a king-sized bed! The memory-foam mattresses are superb too. The kids have already been taking test-naps and Eugene had a three-hour sleep on it today before the bedding was put on.

Bolts, screws and the usual self-assembly paraphernalia. 

Karin assembling the drawers all by herself! Thanks love.

Coffee to keep us going...

A collage at the early stages of assembly.
The big helper :-) . Still not very keen on any noisy hand-tool, haha! We blame his "oupa" who always
scared him with the vacuum cleaner.

Taking a rest.

Eventually the cordless screwdriver was charged! Our "office hands" are not used to using screw-drivers, haha!

A test run to see if all is OK.

...and unfolded for further testing. Seconds later all four of us were on the bed,

Geno has also discovered electronics (making dad very proud!).

Bedding partly fitted.

Assembling the electric heli-fan. He had lots of fun with it.
This is Karla's old "Brain Box" electronics starter kit.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eugene's first ever Merit Award!

 Let's hope this is the first of many, but he still has lots of "ants in his pants", and even keeping still during the award presentation was a challenge for him, haha!
Well done our big-boy!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Warmish winter snaps

The Cottesloe Polar Bears - Saturday morning at 6:30am

Two "old timers" braving some big swell.

The old, patched-up Adidas sneakers...

...and the new, orange/red sneakers (and a smile!)

Chow time