Sunday, July 31, 2011

A week before we move

So, with only one week to go we started packing and getting ready for next weekend. Woke up this morning with muscles aching which have not done so for many months. As my mate Math would say, "It is a DOB injury".

The dining room full of boxes and "stuff", making access to the laptop quite difficult.

Eugene stayed in his Ben-10 pajamas all day (which he loved!).

I decided to dis-assemble the beds to save time next week. This means the mattresses are now in the
lounge and we are "camping". Again, the kids (and us) love it!

The kids bedroom with the beds in pieces. In the new house they each get their own room.

Eugene with his sausage-roll which he had for a quick lunch before his arvo nap.

Karla doing the same (but no nap!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Potjiekos by Charl- & Karlien-hulle

Yesterday we spent a relaxing afternoon with Charl & Karlien, enjoying a very South African meal called a "potjie". We know them from Napier and they arrived in Perth in April this year. The weather was great considering it is mid-July. On the way out to them the car's thermometer showed 22 degrees C.

* Click on any image for a larger version *

Karin, Charl & Karlien checking the "potjie".

Mmmm! Some pale-ale while the pot was cooking away.

A panorama of their back yard. Ideal for the kids!

Trust me, it tasted even beter than it looks! Charl, jy kan maar broer!

Eugene doing a quick quality-control check, haha!

For all our Jaapie mates out there. Remember these?! I remember the days when we
could get 4 sweets for 1c. How the Rand has dropped in strength!

Best buddies (most of the time :-)) enjoying some freshly baked rolls.

Chow time!

My rock. XX.

Karla & Eugene playing in the toy room just before we left for lunch.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Woodman Point & Coogee Beach Jetty

The concrete jetty at Woodman Point.

Karla hunting for some fishing tackle. Eventually she found line,  a swivel and even two hooks!
As a bonus Ian Mathersul also paid us a visit, and it was good to catch-up.
The wooden jetty at Coogee Beach. Great spot and can't wait for summer!

Karla angling. She got two good bites, but none which stayed on. Maybe later?!

A gift from Darwin - A Northern Territory "stubby"!

Jaco flew in from Darwin yesterday arvo, and had a 7 hour stop-over in Perth before flying out for Jo'burg. We had a "lekker" braai and it was good to catch-up. He also brought me a cool gift! Thanks swaerie!
Jaco and I with the 2 liter NT stubby. They take their drinking seriously in "the Territory", haha!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunshine is here again!

Cottesloe beach this morning. Spectacular with Gannets diving for fish. The breeze was a little chilly.

Karla & Eugene outside the Didgeridoo Shop in Freo yesterday.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Math says "Addio mio amico, ma non Farwell!"

...check the translation in Google Translate :-)

Math during his speech, covering numerous aspects of his career over the last 37 years.

Helen & Glenn (at left), Math's wife and son, were also there to witness this historic day,
 with Michael Jackson and other employees looking on.

Math receiving one of his more poignant gifts from Rob Hallion, our Sampling Operations Manager.

The end of the evening, with discussions around how certain beverages should be drunk, and with the the famous Frank Sinatra tune
 "New York, New York" blaring in the background...good times!