Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Desktop Images

...felt creative and snapped these. Click on the image to open a larger version. Right click and set as desktop background if you want. They are ideal for 1280 x 1024 desktop settings.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wentworth Falls - Blue Mountains, NSW

After waking to another beautiful morning, and with everyone (incl Eugene; below) in a "summery" mood, we decided to head into the Blue Mountains for some relaxing family time away from the pace in Sydney.

When we arrived, one of our first stops was at the local bookshop. The shop has "that" quite, calm, relaxed feel about it. Karla also loves books, so getting her to leave required the usual threats, ha-ha!

The "Blue Mist Cafe" in Wentworth Falls has become the equivalent of our favorite spot in Napier, called Ujazi. Getting here takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes drive from home, which is a bummer. I had the Ploughmans Platter, Karin had a homemade burger (nice!) and Karla had pancakes + maple syrup. Boeta also chowed his and a lot om my food. I can tell I'll have to watch my plate (and food) closely as he grows-up :-)

Relaxing after lunch. Just a stunning day and a wonderful setting.

Karla is amazing with her little brother. She watches him like a hawk, and always has a hand or arm between him and a window frame or table or whatever. Here she has a protective arm behind him in-case he topples over backward and bumps his head. Too bloody sweet !

One of my favorite photo's from the day.

A photo I plan to print big and frame for my office.

Karla is now well-and-truly comfortable in front of a camera. I don't know why, but it does not matter, as long as she keeps posing like this, ha-ha!

We've noticed that Boeta has this phobia with trees or anything actually touching is head. Naturally we could not resist, and he rewarded us with this face.

He is also fascinated with his mothers tongue....


Eugene's first ever swim!

So, yesterday hit 30 degrees here again, and so it was to become Eugene's first ever day in the pool. The water was warm enough for us to swim ~20 minutes, and he loved every minute.

At the end of the swim he had a quick, 2-minute au-natural dip...

Karla was on-hand to watch and help entertain her little brother. He only seems to have eyes for her, but I think it is all her silly antics, haha!

Yes Ouma, he had a hat on and everything...will post pictures of his new swimming outfit soon.

Boeta holding onto my arm while I spin him round-and-round.

Karin had good timing taking this photo.

Check Karla's face. Some more general pics below...


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Newcastle, HMB Endeavour and Eugene

This week I travelled up to Newcastle for the wool sale there. All-in-all it was a slightly depressing day, with wool prices sliding considerably compared to the previous Newcastle sale. Considering the current world economic climate, this was not entirely unexpected, but unpleasant none the less.

The above picture is a view of the Landmark (a wool broker) Showfloor. All the wool being offered for sale in their catalogue can be viewed and inspected priot to the actual sale.

At ~05:45AM I was down at the waterfront and by pure luck found the replica of HMB Endeavour moored in the harbour. The ship left at 7AM, so had I not gone down to the water, I would never have seen it. A truly majestic ship, and makes one hark back to the "olden days".

Eugene is now also standing up and wants to "walk" everywhere. We still have to support him, so his "walks" are rather back-breaking for Mum and Dad.

Eugene and Karla posing for a quick snap during a regular weekend braai session...


Friday, October 10, 2008

Glenworth Valley Horse Riding

Click on image to view larger panorama

We've been promising Karla a "Birthday Surprise" since May, but it has been too cold for the horse-riding we had planned. Today the weather was great and Brendon was on leave, so we could get out of Sydney and go horse-riding.

Karla with Peter, her horse for the 2-hour long riding session. She was a little apprehensive first up, as she'd never actually ridden a horse all by herself. After ~5 minutes she was A-OK. When she and her mum returned she was bubbling with how her horse had trotted and cantered. No galloping though (she sounded a little dissapointed!).

Boeta and I also checked out the horses (~40 to choose from). He was not too keen on them.

A slightly wider photo so one can see the other horses in the background too.

Karla and Karin ready to go riding. The 2-hour rides cost $65, and helmet hire is $5. The grounds are also stunning; so quiet and peaceful. Camping here only costs $10 per person, per night.

Karin on her (rather moody) horse heading for the trail. The guide is an ex-Durbanite, now living in Aussie for 30 years. Yep, us Jaapies are everywhere.

Karla and Peter. She loved riding him and I think I may have to make a loan at the bank soon to buy him....for Karla, anything!

The last photo before they dissapeared into the bushland for 2 hours.

All Boeta could do in the mean time was chew on his hand and "walk" around in the camp area. I also thought we had lost my wallet, so it was a nervous 2-hour wait for the girls to return. Eventually found the wallet in the car in the most obscure corner of Eugene's car seat....

Click on image to view larger panorama

Following their horse riding we stopped down at the creek running through the property. Just beautiful; Karla and Eugene just had to get wet. He loved it and it also helped us all relax after finding the not-so-lost wallet, ha-ha!

Some of the local (Aussie) wildlife. Rainbow Lorikeets (above) and a King Parrot (below). Remember, you can click on any of the images to see a larger version.

Click on image to view larger panorama


Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Entrance - Central Coast NSW

Panoramic View of 'The Entrance'. This channel is dredged to keep it open, and also a favorite among anglers. Click on any image for a larger version.

Some of the anglers trying their luck in the fast moving water of the channel. Note the local pelicans in the background. This photo is looking towards The Entrance river mouth.

A lifeguard hut on the beach.

Karla outside the Ken Duncan Gallery in Erina Heights, which is also on the Central Coast. His photo's and huge panoramic prints are truly stunning. What a talent.

Karla playing silly-billy at the gallery. She bought herself a book from Ken's "Inspiration" series, and also enjoyed this outing.

Dad laying down the law (not really). Check out that look his giving me!

...after we kissed and made up, ha-ha.

The usual portrait for friends and family so you can see little Eugene, and what he looks like now.

...and one from behind...