Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Eugene in his Cleveland Cavaliers getup

Yes, Le Bron James is his hero...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Spur celebration for Karla's good exam results, an evening stroll and testing Capture1 for ARW files

Karla topped 71% for her human-bio exam (ATAR), so we were chuffed and took her for her favourite Wednesday snack at the Spur in Mandurah.

Eugene did not complain either...

My twee Bokkies x

Mmmm, Spur Chicken burger!

...and a Chedamelt Burger for Eugene.

Don't ask; but yes, this is not unusual ;-)

Karin, Lily and I on our evening walk.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Little Creatures lunch and WA Day Freo stroll

We had Founders Day long weekend in WA, meaning a 3-day weekend, which was great. On Saturday we had lunch with some mates at Little Creatures and then wandered the streets a bit. On Monday were were back in Freo on our own for brekkie and just some chill-out time. Nice and relaxing, aaaah.

Waiting for lunch to arrive. Good to see you again too Gazza! 
Geno and Ryna building Lego.

The double-shot boys from the North.

Our better-halves...



Mmmm, Freo Market donuts. Krispy Kreme se Moses.

When we got home it was quite chilly, but madam L knows how the warm herself up.

Monday morning, brekkie at The Coffee Club. Gino's have put their prices up to what can only
be described as silly-tourist prices. There is a fine-line between value and rip-off.

Karla playing with the RX100...

...and catching us a little unawares...

The park across from Little Creatures buzzing with markets etc as part of the WA Day events. 

At Woollies to get some bread, milk etc.

...and practising some basketball before we cooked some meat on the Q.