Friday, December 30, 2016

Beach outing with Lily; ...and we went back later to do some snorkelling (which was spectacular).

It was 7:15am, and it promised to be a spectacular day (and it was!)
Karin and Eugene with Seal Island in the background.

Karla and Lily in the crystal-clear water.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

In the Perth Hills, not far from home...

Went out for a day-trip and discovered a beautiful spot amongst the trees, nestled in the hills not far from home. In fact it is quite a popular spot, and by 11:30 the entrance to the park was closed as it had reached capacity. Still, enough space for everyone and not crowded at all once you started some of the short hikes around the waterfall.

Highly recommended.

Pretty cool, right?!

From higher up the hill, on one of the short hikes.

A standard Aussie sign ;-)

The lake is actually quite deep, and one can swim right up to the falls.

Heading up the hill. Karla got sever hay-feaver along the way, poor thing.

This flow is at the top of the falls, looking towards the falls themselves.

Those are red-tail Carnaby's up in the trees.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

Wow, Christmas has come and is almost gone again. Unreal. With work being what it is, you know it's coming, but can't really get into the spirit of it until "die last nipper". Sad really.

Anyway, we started the day at Church and Ds Peet gave a lovely sermon as always. Everything he said resonated with me, and it made the day all the more special.

We then lit the fire at our place and started cooking. Yes, too much food, but every single dish was delicious. Dankie almal! The souvla worked like a charm again, and is fast becoming my favourite way to roast meat. I've not found anything better yet, and that is saying a lot.

After letting the food settle we went down to the beach for a wander. A bit windy, but still nice. A lot of kite surfers around as The Doctor was pumping, as we knew it would be. Even saw a small Stingray in the shallows.

Still, it was a busy day and I am now "pap-tyres". We aim to chill and enjoy the rest of the break and Karla agreed that we don't need to go to any shops tomorrow....yeah, right! Have vouchers, Must spend....

Church this morning - iPhone pano 
Souvla time!
The kids (yes, the real ones) just could not wait any longer! :-)

Happiness is...

Lunch is served. Woes lekker geween; dankie almal.

Close-up of the chicken, chops and ribbetjie.

Karin's beautiful theme-set table. 

They all look tired, but they are just really full!

....but, 30 minutes later, ...

The Cray Master.

For the record, the bones are for Lily (our dog).

The Girls.

Photo Bomb!

The three main cray-eaters. I was just too full.

Jakkals on the pier down at the beach across from Penguin Island. A bit windy, but still nice.

Sea shell hunting in progress.

And after the short walk at the beach, it was pudding time.
Mandy baked a Cacao Pavlova. Deeeelicious!

...and Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, plus a pot of Baileys ice-cream too.


Later the evening Eugene built his solar-powered chopper, but he'll have to wait until tomorrow to test it.
Dankie Oom Steven en Tannie Tasha.

Friday, December 23, 2016

AWTA Bibra Lake Star Trails

Snapped at ~11pm on 22 December 2016. This was a ~30 minute exposure with the Ricoh GR at f/11 and ISO800.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

York (WA) Daytrip

After many weeks of almost going to York, we ended up going today. On the way there, at about 8:30am, it was a balmy 27 degrees and we thought we'd have a nice, warmish day out. Well, it hit 42 by about midday and we ended up having lunch in the car with the A/C on full-blast!

Bread rolls, polony and chips....what else does anyone need? Delicious! As per normal Eugene said "it was the best and tastiest meal he's ever had!". We hear that a lot lately. Nothing wrong with his appetite at the moment. Karla is quieter, and going through that not-so-fun teenage stage. Looking forward to getting her back to normal, which we understand could be a little while ;-)

As usual, some snaps below.

The view from the lookout on top of Mt Brown. Mount Bakewell is on the right. Both hills are part of a dream-time legend (bit like Romeo and Juliet).

Just love old servo's. Look at the signage and single pump.

Karin and the kids outside the historic town hall. Reminded Karin and I of our old school halls in East London.

A vintage pram,....and looking at the wheels you can see why boys built billy-carts (go carts) out of them.

Eugene and Karin on the historic swing-bridge over the Avon river, which runs through York.

Karla enjoying lunch in air-conditioned comfort, with the Esky as a table.