Saturday, May 25, 2013

Panoramic images after setting panoramic head ultra accurately (2-4 pixel faults per 3000!)

Both the images below are seven photo's stitched, and not a single stitch fault is visible, even at 100% (these are 12,000 x 5,000 pixel images at 300dpi; so quite large). It took ages to set the panoramic head's rotation axis to within 1 mm of the nodal (entrance pupil) point for the lense. Worth it though.

iPhone 6x12 camera and coffee at Gino's (plus some 7-photo pano's shot with the Canon 1100D)

6am this morning at Gino's in time of the day (and week).

Gino's, our world-wide favorite coffee shop (sorry Ujazi).

A photo for my dad. He loves fishing, so we'll go here when they visit in July.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eugene and his "stoutgat" buddies at school :-)

The look says it all, haha!

Geno's take on his mum....too cute!

Gene's classmates.

Film camera's - Do they still work? Heck yeah!

My good mate, Math, recently gave me his old Konica FC-1 film SLR (thanks mate!!). It is circa 1980, so a good 33 years old. I brushed of some of the dust, bough four new batteries (small little watch types), put the 50mm f/1.7 lens on, and away she went. Can't imagine that digital SLR's will still work 30+ years from now....the sensors simply decay and stop working.

The Konica FC-1 with the 50mm prime lens mounted.

Karin's 1100D as seen through the "old" eye's of the Konica. 

The 50mm lens produces wonderful out-of-focus areas, resulting in my favorite photo of me (ever)...not that I am in photo's that often.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Lindsay-clan join us for a braai. It only took almost 7 years! (Our bad!)

Aiden lit the fire and we're all enjoying some biltong and drywors while we wait to throw on
the meat (lamb, what else?).....and some boerewors.

Chow time. At least we were able to convert Isobel to put jam on her "roosterkoek" (bread rolls baked on the BBQ). She is now our favorite Lindsay (..don't tell Aiden :-))

The boys building Lego Bionicles.

...and then they became super-heroes, and things started getting a little more "animated".

The heroes with their swords and "cool dude" sunnies.


Girls?! One the Macbook playing on

...later in the evening, with some OB's Sherry before we switched to Kahlua and milk. Mmmm!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Last day of leave and Boomerang II plane

Karin and Karla at Gino's.

Karla loves having Karin and I all to herself.
Eugene was at school, with high school only starting tomorrow.

Working on installing the rudder and elevator servo's.

Most of the electronics installed and almost ready to go.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Karla becomes a teenager. Surreal...

Our beautiful girl turned 13 yesterday! Karin and I cannot really believe it. How time flies. She has grown into a graceful, beautiful and considerate girl and we are immensely proud of her. As Karin worked we did not do too much yesterday, but went out for dinner at Karla's favorite eatery, Eat Greek. Excellent food and atmosphere as usual.

Karla is visiting a friend today and we have a busy weekend ahead too.

(all photo's shot as ISO3200, no flash using the RX100)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spiders, Aeroplanes and Nespresso

Snapped (hand-held) during an early morning walk on Tuesday (~5:30am)

Later that same day I made the kids some Eggs-Benedict (my version anyway). 
...and even later again I started work on another passion of mine...

One Tuesday we went into the city and looked for some bits-and-bobs for Karla, who is turning 13 very soon.

This stained glass window is inside the Myer store in the CBD.

Final stop before jumping on the train to head home, the Nespresso store to buy some pods. Mmmm!

Snapped these tonight with a small torch and poor lighting, but you get the idea.