Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Lovely Karla & Eugene

28 September 2008
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Karla enjoying an "Original Magnum" ice-cream. We (old people) remember the days of frozen water lollies on sticks....

Karla doing her usual "absorbing food through my skin" trick with ice-cream on her nose.

To beautiful for us; our hearts ache just looking at her and her brother.

Dad teaching little Eugene some bad habits. Open wide!

Eugene thinks "My dad must be on a sugar-high or something!"

Eugene burning off some of those calories, ha-ha!

Some general photo's showing how Eugene is growing.

Sunday Lunch

What we had for lunch today at Werner's place. "Lekker was darem nog nooit sleg nie!"

Karla and one of her usual "I want to take it home" animals/stones/sticks/...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Warringah Flying Field

Saturday, 20 September 2008

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The view of the flying field and club-house areas looking towards the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

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A view inside the pit area, showing some of the members and their aeroplanes.

Kerry (left) and Geoff firing up Kerry's Piper Cub. Nice plane, but it was windy and tricky to fly. Still want one, one day...

Geoff hand-launching his electric-powered (elevon only) "Vampire" look-alike. Flies really well.

Jason starting up his Hangar-9 Mustang P51. A really nice looking model, and including motor, radio and the other bits, it comes at a VERY reasonably price.

Two of the electric (yes, electric) heli's at the club on Saturday. These are high-tech bits of kit, and the pilot flew them really well. C'mon Nigel, get one!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jenny & Anna in Newcastle

17 September 2008

Jenny and Anna with George in his office at AWH.

The DP ladies also had a chance to watch Heather (AWTA SO) in action on Core-line #1.

On the Elders showfloor with a 15.3 micron bale (only 67kg), waiting for the sale to start. The market was up and the general mood was buoyant.

Just before lunch we also had the opportunity to catch-up with Ron Rayner (Glanna Stud), which was good. Pictured (L to R): Anna, Jason Carmichael, Michelle McDonnell, Ron and Jenny.

Following the sale Landmark also invited us to join them for lunch. Michelle, Michael and Tiffany (pictured) were our hosts. Jenny had a Lemonade and Anna had an, uumm, cold beverage. Thanks again for the invitation.

The SBBL and Elders showfloor, with the sale rooms and Elders office in the distance (clicking on any of the images will open a larger version.)

On the way home, Jenny and Anna posing outside the AWTA office, with our MTS machines in the foreground. The trip was well worth it and our clients really enjoyed meeting the ladies from DP Sydney. Needless to say our DP staff also enjoyed meeting the people they have been talking to on the phone for years-and-years.

~ END ~

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sydney Hits 30! Summer is on the way.

Sydney hit 30 again for the first time after the shortish, cool winter. Every man and his dog was outside soaking up the sun. It eventually got warm enough for Karla and her friends to go for a swim; the water was freezing, but kids are wired differently...

Baby Eugene loved being outside all day long, and only wore his nappy and a short-sleeve vest.

Karla varnished Dad's new flight box, and it was dry to the touch by 5PM. She also did all the art-work on the box (with some help from dad).

My plane's motor and part of the propeller. This is an OS-46-AX; develops ~1.2kW at 17,000rpm. Can't wait to get back in the air again!

That evening we simply had to light the Weber and throw on some meat. It was a wonderful way to end the day, and our mates (Werner, Bianca and Colin) popped-over too.

Us on the "stoep" while the BBQ was going.

At the end of the evening (~9PM) we went down to the pool to cool our feet (was still 27 deg.C)

BBQ with our German mate, Philipp.

Welcome to our first post on Blogspot!

Philipp and I sampling the local "drop"; Tooheys Extra Dry.

Das German checking on my (extensive) BBQ skills.

Before we got into the chow....

During the chow...

That's all for now. Keep checking to see what we get up to next.

Brendon, Karin, Karla and Eugene