Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bevan's Birthday

- Click on any image for a larger version -
Bevan & Natalies place in Caversham, ~30 minutes from our place. We were invited to a BBQ with their family and friends to celebrate Bevan's birthday. Had a great time!

The front garden area where the BBQ took place.

People around here really like their ute's!

Eugene in the playpark enjoying a swing.

Karin and Nat in deep conversation, no doubt about babies etc, haha!

Me and my other long-lost cousin, Reese. Looks just like his dad.

On the way home we stopped at a new & used truck lot. Yep, really big trucks, which is like heaven for little Eugene.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

BBQ & Cottesloe Beach (2nd visit)

Cottesloe Beach - Club House at left and crystal clear water

Building the 4-burner flat-plate "barbie". Thanks babes!

Eugene helping dad cooking the meat.

Boerewors, chops & mushrooms with garlic & cheese. Mmmm!

On the way down to the Cottesloe sun-dial, with somem long boarders in the background.

Read the little blue sign carefully...yep, back in Aussie all-right! Click on any image for a larger view.

Eugene & I fooling around on the pier at Cottesloe.

Karla in the water with Karin & Eugene looking on.

Karin & Eugene soaking up some rays.

Princess Karla; loving WA! Any why would'nt we?!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kings Park - Perth

What a place! This massive park smack-bang in the middle of Perth is just amazing. If you are ever in Perth this is a must-see site. The image above shows karin and the kids in the park, with the Perth CBD in the background.

This is one of the elevated walkway's in the park, allowing you to walk among the tree-tops. It also allows for a nice view of the Swan River and historic Swan Brewery.

The kids and I with a Boab (not Boabab!) tree, which is native to Western Australia. Looks like a miniature Boabab tree though.

Karin, Karla & Eugene strolling through another re-created bushland which is typical of the Western parts of WA.

Last week were also lucky enough to be visited by an old friend from Auckland, Fraser. He was in town for business so we were able to have him over for dinner and a chat. As you can see Karla wasted no time in getting out her Nintendo to teach Fraser some tricks.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A quick post

As you can tell I've not posted anything here for a while, as we've been very busy with all the usual things needed to settle down after moving country. Since my last post we've found a house, we've found Karla a great school and life is starting to return to normal. Perth & Fremantle are so good we almost don't want to tell anyone! Great climate and thus far we honestly cannot complain about anything.

 The new house we moved into two weeks ago.

 Karin and the kids playing in the park across the road from the house. Cool!

 My "long lost" cousin Natalie and her (brand new) fiancee Bevan pictured at their place in Caversham.