Saturday, December 30, 2017

Ngilgi Caves & Dunsborough - A day trip

Perth can be (too) hot in summer, but what we have just two hours South of here is magic. Margaret River and Dunsborough really are all they are cranked up to be. A beautiful slice of WA, with that holiday-surfer type atmosphere. Even the Clancy's Fish Pub down there put's the one in Freo to shame.

...heading down there again on Friday...

Looking out into the bush while sitting on the Margaret River Chocolate Factory verandah.

Ons mooiste-mooi. X.

One for Karin; one of her favourite blooms.

Karin and Gene with some of the vines at Howard Park Estate behind them.

The Howard Park winery "cellar door" building.

The mad (in a good way) dog at Bootleg Brewery.

12 Storey's down, or roughly 350 stairs. This is one of three caves in the area, and well worth a visit.
Below are some snaps from in the cave. Some are "soft" as they were shot with the lens aperture wide open.

Karla going through one of the crawl spaces.

Steep, well VERY steep stairs leading down and down into the belly of the earth.

Beautiful, aren't they?

The young guide in the main chamber was excellent. He explained things in great detail
and one could tell he knew his stuff.

Pretty cool, huh?!

Two words for the cave atmosphere; humid and stuffy (higher levels of CO2).
Eugene drinking some water from the Esky to cool him down (the outside temp was also low 30's).

One of five really cool lamp shades at Clancy's Fish Pub near the Cape Geographe lighthouse.
We will be going back here; great spot.

A wider view of the rear deck at Clancy's.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Caversham Wildlife Park (Part II) - Karin and the kids visited in April 2013

First, a quick "then and now" image, the first from April 2013, and the second from today.

Entry to the park for the four of us topped $90, but..., it was well worth it. If you have not been, go. Here are some pics and commentary where appropriate.

Some of the wildlife were less enthusiastic about our presence, than us of their's :-)

Some were only just holding on...

Albino Dingo.

Feeding time.


My favourite image from the day, by a mile.

Some patrons (above) and animals (below) were struggling in the mild (32 deg.C) heat.

Kaarlaaa, look AT the camera poepelala!

Blue winged Kookaburra. Beautiful. This one does not "laugh".

Barn Owl

Tawny Frogmouth

Red-tailed black Cockatoo.

And here come the Kangaroos!

A close-up for those in South Africa.

This is their rest area; no people allowed inside.

Mum and Joey (baby Kanga) grazing at the same time. Cool, hey?!

A Joey in it's hide-out, getting away from all the snap-happy tourists.

Last photo. This is a Wallaby, the smaller cousin of the Kangaroos.