Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Sunday-stroll snapshot of modern-Melbourne

Shortly after arriving here last Sunday, I decided to go for a walk before it got too dark. Unlike Perth, where I had just come from, Melbourne was warm to the point of being "sticky". As always it was good to visit and experience the "big smoke".

Flagstaff Gardens - A beautiful, tranquil spot near the heart of the city, the river and markets.
Being an elevated area, this is where signal flags used to be flown on a flag-pole (flagstaff)
to signal messages between the harbour and the town.

A recent innovation; bikes you can hire using a phone-app. Apparently these bikes don't float well when dumped in the Yarra.
Sad really that we have have such disregard for others and a propensity for behaviour serving no positive purpose.

This long-haired bloke was rocking out near a set of lights. He was pretty darn good (if not loud).

The loss of another wool-industry icon. This used to be a french eatery called Bergerac; now a vegetarian Indian place.

Another sad reality of modern life. Homeless people dotting numerous nooks and crannies all around the CBD.
Someones son or daughter....

Another undeniable trend in the larger Australian cities. More and more Asian people, food and culture.
This sign made me think of a movie I saw recently; OKYA. A disappointing cinematic (Netflix) experience.


A cool piece of street art.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Building a (real) braai

Some pictures of the process over the weekend. Turned out better than I had hoped, so "alles is mooi".

Old-school unit; more than twice the cooking surface area of a Weber.

Maiden Braai - smokin! NOU GAAN ONS BRAAI!

Braaibroodjies - kan mos nie anders nie...

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Eat Greek group outing - Freo, jou lekke ding ;-)

Ons pragtige Karla. X.

Suane snap 'n foto vir Susan wat sy op facebook wou sit. Susan boer darem op haar foon hoor!

Alex, Nickey and Louw wag vir opskep tyd!

First cab of the rank...and poeding before the hot food too!

Bread roll, chips,....and,...jelly?

First course down...two more to go.

Die groot krokodil...

Photo by Nickey - iemand se oog

Eugene and Maroche going for a ride in the wheel-barrow :-)

Check those faces!

...the moment the sugar-rush kicked in...

Gino for a quick coffee before heading to work to arm the building alarm, and then home.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A long weekend, an operation and a birthday.

It has been a busy couple of weeks, which (for September) should all culminate in a luncheon on the Swan River this coming Saturday afternoon.

The weekend just gone by was a long weekend, and Karin also had her second Carpal Tunnel operation yesterday. Today I am home with them (kids are on school holidays) just helping Karin, and she is doing well. Still some pain now and again, but it is safe to say it is clearing up nicely, for which we are thankful.

Also feeling sad for a work-mate who lost a parent yesterday, and also the news of Mike (a primary school friend) passing away on Monday...

Ka and I put up some curtains on Monday (actual curtains not in this photo; this was just the "kant gordon").

Ouch! Done under local-anaesthetic and, if you can overcome your fears, and if it is an option,
 seems to be better than "going under". Faster and none of those nasty side effects.

It has been very cold here lately; so much so that the fire has been on for two days.

At my birthday-brekkie this morning. Coffee shop in Baldivis called Brother-of-Mine (BOM).
Good spot.

This is what Ka and I had for lunch.


Karla just started baking chocolate-chip muffins, knowing full-well I won't eat any.
Talk about torturing her poor (older) dad...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Swan River Boat Trip - Happy Birthday Mandy!!

Last night we went out for a 3 hour boat cruise on the Swan River to celebrate Mandy's XXth birthday. The weather forecast did not look so good, but it turned out to be a very nice,  calm evening on the water. Ate too much though...., eisch!

Dankie Mandy en Beat, dit wat baie lekker julle!

The Paddle Boat Steamer (yes, it runs on steam), called the "P.S. DECOY", ready for us to board her in South Perth.
The fore-deck looking back towards the jetty/pier.

Chillax time...

About 40 minutes into the cruise, with the music just starting and everyone well fed :-)
This is the well sheltered aft-deck.

Die Boksom Bende...

Buddies :-)  :-)

The afore-mentioned steam engine (now diesel powered).
Also, it was beautifully warm in here, but apparently in summer this space is deserted...

On our way back to the pier, with the bridge over the Narrows just ahead.
Back safe-and-sound, and spot-on 9pm.