Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

A flash-visit to Port Elizabeth, South Africa

So, after 12 years I have returned to PE for the first time. The main purpose of the visit was to honour and farewell one of the wool industries legends. Naturally I also had to the chance to briefly catch-up with a handful of family and friends, which was great.

PE is still much the same, with a lot of memories, but I was missing home, Karin, Karla and Eugene within days. They were all at the airport yesterday (skipping school anyone?...) to pick me up, which was a great surprise!

...this is another one of those rather long posts...

Day (or should I say "Night") One - Indoor braai and some vino...

Mielies oppie braai. Mmm!

Me with my sister and brother-in-law.

Ingrid, aka Poplap, posing for a relatively rare photo.
Not one of her favourite things.

Ben and Ingrid, Elaine and Andre's kids.

Me with the kiddo's.

Ingrid seems to have a bit of her uncle's photography in her blood :-)

Tim-Tam's for brekkie. A nice, balanced meal for growing boys and girls, haha!

I slept in Ben's room (thanks Benjamin) and the kids bunked in the lounge on camping stretchers.

My sister-in-law Amanda and her son, Kerneels :-)     ;sorry, I meant "Corne" :-)

Me, Amanda, Corne and Geraldine

"Molshope"! Wow, have not seen these in 12+ years!

On the way to Mike's Kitchen in the Landrover ("Landy" TD5)

A schooner of Castle for $1.50....not bad! That is my iPhone for scale.

Ben and Andre shared 1kg of grilled Prawns for $8.

Deep-fried Bar One chocolates with ice-cream and caramel sauce. 
Yes, way, waaaaay to sweet. I had one bite.
Another thing I have not seen in years. One of those old light switches which were once so common (in RSA anyway).

Andre & Elaine's place - The backyard. The house is now for sale.

Looking from Mount Croix towards the new Coega Harbour at sunrise.

Hadeda birds....brought back a lot of memories.

All cars in South Africa have antelope horns on them...serious....

For my mates in Oz. Remember these?!

...and these?

Elaine and the kids on the way to church. I went to Walmer Park with Amanda.

A nice brekkie at Mug & Bean in Walmer Park. Amanda and I had a great morning catching-up on "old times".

Scrambled Eggs and mushrooms for me. Tasty.

Ingrid outside with the pets.

Yes, how could I not stop at the Radio Control car racing track. Not quite the same class as Westview used to be...

A wide pano of Pollock Beach and Something Good roadhouse.

Devide the prices by 10 to get the $AU price. Not bad, heh?

A picture for my dad. This is a '57 Studabaker.

My old and very good mate, Brian (aka Fishy) popped in to say hello. I was so pleased he did.
Here we are with Johan in Wian's office. Thanks for taking the snap Wian (ditto below).

Me with Tommie-my-chommie. Ai, it was so good to see him again too.
This was his first "real" day as a retiree, and I shared a beer with him at his place later that day.

Another good mate and his (now grown) daughters; Raymond, Nicole and Clarissa.

On the way home at PE Airport.

Thanks Andre and Elaine for letting me stay with you guys. 
It was great to catch-up in good 'ol RSA.