Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tony's Bend Camping - Nanga Brook, W.A.

Had a truly great weekend camping with some mates. We left early on Friday, pitched the tents and lit the fire. Soon we had a new Aussie mate too (Greg) who later joined us for dinner. Good bloke.

Yep, we were only staying one night, but this is what the bakkie looked like. Woes.

Quick stop in Dwellingup to text Gerhard, Willem and Simon.

Just a quick "chill" before we put up the tents. The fire is going, so Nickey was happy.

The fire is getting ever-bigger and my swag is starting to go up (background of the Gazebo).

Cornelius, Nicky, Greg (our new Aussie mate), Louis and I.

Tents being completed (two image pano).

Die Baas ;-)

Cornelius made it before sunset, and now we were really starting to chill-out.

Me at left preparing the braai-broodjies (with Apricot jam, ja).

It was getting quite dark, and Gerhard, Willem and Simon were nowhere to be seen.
Soon after this shot Louis and Nickey left to find them. No mobile reception; zero.

It was a spectacular windless evening. This photo is a 30-second exposure up into the trees and moon.

Steaks on the braai. This is an ISO6400 shot, thus the speckles of noise. Still, nice atmosphere in the photo.
The three young men had also rolled up at this stage.

Lekker man, lekker!

Starting the fire and getting ready to make breakfast on Saturday morning.

Pano of the camp.

Our resident wild man (wille pil), Nickey, munching on a T-bone for brekkie.

Die De Klerk broers maak bacon en roer-eiers. Was baie lekker!

Pa en seuns.

Almal se pense is lekker vol, en Willem skrik (?!) vir iets, haha!

Kleilat,....ek het dit seker 20+ jaar laas gesien!

Nickey (out of shot) throwing water at Willem....