Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spring Netball

What a lovely evening last night was?! The day topped in the mid-30's (degrees C), but the evening was perfect. Very slight breeze and ~25, so ideal for netball. Spring netball is "all social" and sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here, haha! The girls talk more than they play!

Monday, October 28, 2013

NIKON Df - could it be "the one"?

Nikon rumours making me really, really excited! Manual, full-frame (shallow DoF) still's only old-school inspired camera...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A nice, relaxing braai and fun with the kids.

We had a beautiful day in Perth today, ideal for a braai and just chilling out with the kids and Rusty. Some pics below.

Getting the bread dough ready for the braai.

Karla finishing some homework before our chommies arrive.

The best in the West :-)  -  Weber rules!


Eugene, near death, from the scratch on his knee...

Rusty bucket with some ice

Eugene's knee after surgery.

He does NOT like a lens pointed in his direction :-)  Vol dinge!

Pre-braai warm-up exercises; very important to prevent RSI.


The Skywalker brothers.

You lookin at me punk? Well, are ya?!

Patient no.2 - this time a DYI tooth extraction experiment (which ended with the tooth still in-place).


Burning off some of the calories! Check Rusty in the background too.

Go MC!!

Ouma Isabel looking on.

A 3-photo sequence...

My chommie Petie snapping away with his cool Macro zoom lens.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Synergy Park - Kings Park

Yesterday, still slightly jet-lagged from the week in Melbourne, we went for brekkie with the Bann family in Kings Park. After this we also went down to Synergy Parkland for the kids to explore the dinosaurs etc. Still pretty cool outside, thus the warmer clothing. This is slightly odd considering the high temperatures and fires on the East Coast.

Karin, Mariana, Ouma, Karla and the boys with their back to me.

Our beautiful Karla, with half a bottle of tomato sauce on her toast....some things never change :-)

"The Borg Worm Collective" - Strangest group of worms I've seen. These moved together as one, which freaked Karla out.

Exploring the elevated walkways in Synergy Park.

We LOVE 'em to bits!

...sorting the kids for the pic below...

"Die groot krokodil" !

The DNA Tower. 101 Steps top to bottom.

MC and the girls on the tower.

A colour shot. A red Kangaroo's Paw in full bloom. Beautiful.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

...and a nice Weber roast before visiting Mel...


Rusty with his bone...even growls if you get too close! Cheeky bugger.

...Karla playing with dad's camera (i.e. looking for trouble :-) )

The "after lunch movie" position...watching ZOOM which we recorded on Foxtel months ago.

Rusty's first walk on the beach (Leighton Beach)

Getting ready to leave...

Hunting for shells, as they do.

Leighton beach, full of sea-weed, with the port of Freo in the background.