Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cycling to Mosquito central...

Took our bikes out today, cleaned them and drove to the Shell servo to check the tires  Eugene was a champ, although he still tends to be too much of an Evil Kenevil for mum's liking. Karla and I then shot down to the Swan River where the killer Mozzies were waiting in their thousands!

Lunch-time today down at Bibra Lake. I just shot down to get some air; sitting in front of a PC all day isn't fun.

At the Shell service station with the kids.

Karla and I after we just arrived at the mosquito breeding grounds, haha! They were even attacking me, so they must be REALLY hungry!

A sweep pano taken in near darkness. Not bad considering this was hand-held; no tripod and no panoramic head.

Perth CBD from Applecross...

...and one zoomed in a little closer (ISO3200 & windy; thus the blurry reeds).

Monday, January 28, 2013

RX100 - A mind-blowing experience

So, I've been shooting DSLR's for years, always chasing better and better image quality, buying better and better lenses....a seemingly endless, rather expensive (but still a rewarding) exercise.

...but things have changed, and I am in shock. The web has been buzzing since the recent  release of two new Sony camera's, both fitted with Zeiss glass, and I finally decided to take the plunge. Picked one up at JB HiFi, and have just looked at the pictures (all Out Of Camera JPG's; no fiddling) and the AVCHD video, all shot in Freo earlier this arvo. As I type this I can hardly believe my eyes. The images are amazing, and no need to spend hours processing RAW files, and the video could be readily imported and edited in MovieMaker!

Some samples below (video too), including the odd in-camera effect for fun. I feel free...! No more DSLR's and in many ways I've returned to my roots. My very first digital camera was a 3.2 Mpixel Sony DSC P72. 

* All below images shot at either Monochrome or Vivid setting (20 megapixel JPG fine) *

An "illustration" effect

The below video's are poor representations of the Full HD video's. They are super-smooth and sharp at 1080p.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My lovely Karin and a pano test shot with her camera

Karin last weekend, in a hot little pink number. How lucky am I ? (Don't answer that!)

A snap taken this morning (27th Jan) while setting the nodal-point axis on Karin's camera. Taken at 7am before the day got hot.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

iPad game action

The iPad has released the "gamer" in the family. Eugene is right into it, with the favorite being Subway Surfer. Just check the facial expressions, and his feet get involved too!

...and this leads to some late-morning sleep-in's, haha!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Test drive...watch this space...

Go Vespa!

Leopards Den restaurant

Karla with the elephant at the entrance to the South African eatery. Cool, hey?!

Duane and Kim with the elephant while Greg snaps a photo with Andre and his daughter looking on.

A small, 4-photo pano of the bush scene. Greg will have some photo's of the 1kg steak on his Facebook page!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last weekend....with some more pics to follow later tonight

Karla & Gene enjoying a Strawberry Granita at Gino's in Freo.

Karin in deep thought...

The Red Cat, the free hop-on, hop-off bus service around Freo. Gene used to love riding it, but we don't do it anymore.

No, not ours, but liked the way the owner packed wet sponge-packs around her to keep her cool.

Our haunt in Freo. We are share-holders in the place, haha!

Clancy's Fish pub in Freo.

Spot the South African beer cap...

Eugene cooling down at the end of the day.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our beautiful Karla

50mm at f/2 with remote release and manual focus on right eye.

Do photo's need to be sharp to convey their message? Nah.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hot Hot Hot!

Monday was 40+ degrees in Perth, and due to some rain in the morning, humidity was up at 88%. Not a good combination.

Luckily our little splash-pool makes all the difference, especially when the air is drier (which is usually the norm).

The pool get's the odd "visitor", in this case a large dragon-fly, which freaks Eugene out (screams like a girl!).

A nice photo of Eugene. Karla giggles (and moves) too much, so all her images are blurred...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eugene turns 5!

We love you our boy.

Eugene and his bestest friend, Philip. He was VERY happy to celebrate this day with his mate :-)

Karin cutting the Spider Man cake. Despite it being a "Woolies" cake, it tasted very good. Can recommend it.

The boys can hardly wait to dig in...both wanted an eye to eat.

Philips little 19-month old brother, MC, tried to stay awake, but eventually went to sleep with the fairies.

My only picture of the very HOT 31st December. It got to 44 deg.C! Crickey!!
Here Karla and Eugene are on the beach at Bathers Bay in Freo. It was ~9pm and still 37!