Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can you say "HOT!"

Sydney, and NSW in general, is experience some really warm weather. We hit 39 deg.C at home yesterday (4PM), and today is set to reach 41. This means at home we should reach 42-43 deg.C. Ouch! Eugene does not sleep well in this heat, which means we don't either. Bummer.

Click on image for larger view

Anyway, looks like there will be some relief for Karin in about one week when she arrives back in Napier with the kids.

Click on image for larger view

At home only the Crown Relocation items remain for collection (next Wednesday), and I should be able to post our new mobile phone number here later today. Time is flying at the moment.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The big clear-out and pack-up

Well, it's time to start packing! At least Karin and I lost some more weight on the weekend! This coming weekend is Karin and the kids last weekend in Sydney, so there is much still to do. The garage is full of stuff we are giving to St. Vincents, so we hope this helps someone who needs it. We were going to sell these items, but decided it was better to donate these.

Looking from the dining room to the lounge..

...and from the lounge to the dining room area...

...and into the lounge itself. Messy as!! Should be all cleared come this weekend.

Eugene taking a quick break from hounding mum, dad and Karla.

Karla is a huge help in looking after Eugene while we pack. Thanks babes.

Cutie pie. I think he is starting to get used to having a camera pointed at him. His sister now almost ignores it totally when I point it at her.


Thursday, January 8, 2009


The news is out, and I can now reveal that we are moving. The last couple of months have been a tough and mixed bag for us, but we are relieved now that the decision has been made.

The response from friends and fellow employees at AWTA has been fantastic. Thank you to each one of you for both your understanding and support. It means a lot to us.

Also, if any of you have $10k just lying around, please send it to me now....interest free if possible :-)

Thank you again to one an all. Below is a picture taken the first month we arrived in Sydney back in 2006. No Eugene! At least we will always have an Aussie in the family, haha!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Eugene's first steps - 2 January 2009

A day after his first birthday Eugene took his first independant steps. It is now only 6 days on, and he is walking all over the place. He has the odd fall, but is managing really well. When dad gets home in the afternoon he all but runs to me (so cute!).

His vocabulary is also growing day-by-day, and he freely gives hugs and kisses too.

A picture will follow soon (some problems at the Blogspot server at the moment).


Thursday, January 1, 2009

We celebrate Eugene's 1st year

Eugene's own cupcake & candle.

...and a slightly bigger chocolate cake.

Eugene planning how to start playing with his gift from the Kasselman family.

Karla enjoying all the sweet treats on offer. She is such a big help with her brother. "Thanks Karla, we love you babes!"

The big boy taking a breather and a splash of water.

Stealing a kiss (yes, we do as often was we can!)

Mum, Karla and Eugene.

Eugene with "the girls". Thank you Sue, Jessy and Charlie for joining us.

Blowing up all those balloons is hard work...


Happy Birthday Eugene!