Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lazy (first) summers day

At last we are getting some warmer weather! Decided to shoot up to the Swan Valley yesterday for coffee and a bite at Yahava Coffee and the Tea House near Elmar's. Elmar's was choka-block, with ticket-only entry for the Oktober Fest, which sounded festive indeed.

Got home just in-time for the All Black's vs Wallabies, and we (unfortunately, but not unexpectedly) got smashed. Bummer. I decided to have a "branna" to calm me down ;-)

Just before 5, and when all the shops close, we made a snap decision to braai and it turned out to be an awesome night. Aside from the braai, I fixed the fairy-lights and we also spent 3+ hours listening to music. Apple Music and the wireless Bose are a great match.

It was amazing to see just how much Afrikaans music there is on Apple Music now; huge!

Gene at Yahava explaining some dubious Star Wars spaceship principle.

...and Karla with her nose in a book as usual...

Mmmm, waffles!

A final snap before heading home for the Rugby.

The joys of Apple Music. Karin loved searching for all the oldies from back-in-the-day. Good fun and good memories.

Just playing; a double-exposure with the Ricoh GR, something one only used to be able to do with film.

A bit ad-hoc, with braai's and chairs shelter-skelter, but it was a relaxing evening. Look at the star trails too ;-)

By about 8pm Eugene had gone off to Lalaland...