Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Straya Day 2016

To all our Aussie mates, Happy Australia Day! Thank you for your mateship, to Australia for being an awesome home and God for watching over us all.

Now, where is that lamb rump....?!

...only Karla is missing, having a sleep-over at a friends place. Miss you Karla X.

The beer is Australian,....still working on Karin to switch to something in the Bundie line up :-)

Kyk net hoe soet le hulle! Lamb rumps, chicken-camembert snags and beef rum...bit like Aussie, NZ and RSA.

Yes boys, cooking on gas. It would be un-Australian not to do so!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Les Murdie Hike (No.2)

We took the kids out walking yesterday, which turned out to be a good idea, if not a little hot. By the time we made it back to the car we were all boiling, sweating and very thirsty. Still, a good day out and way better than being stuck in front of a TV.

Suntan lotion...

Die begin-punt van die 2km hike.

Die oorblyfsels van 'n dooie Grasstree.

'n Tipiese, bewolkte dag in Perth :-)

Perth in die agtergrond (ver regs).

Tot ou Karla het baie warm gekry.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Beat - May we celebrate many more here in WA!

Dankie Beat, Mandy en Tinks for the lekker kuier yesterday. Happy Birthday Beat; wishing you many happy rerturns!

Good job on those Weber's too mate ;-)

Beat made sure there were enough coals for the braai! Two and a half packs of Heat Beads!!

Happy Birthday Beat; hope you have not forgotten it in the freezer!

A Happy Aussie birthday boet.

Mandy lighting Andre's foot warmer, haha.

Something to start with. Thanks Steve Hinds ;-)

Cute, but man they are growing up quickly!

Tui, the beer round here....yeah, right! (our Kiwi mate's will get this one)...Thanks Jakals for the brewsky.
I have the other two in die fridge for when you next visit.

The cake and Tamboesies' were very, very tasty. Compliments to the chef/s.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Eugene's 8th Birthday Party - Once in a while the wheels come off...

I don't intend writing too much here tonight. It is now 22h59, and I am tired...

Suffice to say Eugene had an AWESOME party, and the grown-ups turned into teenagers at ~5pm. Not sure if my HiFi survived and Petie and I ended up at a Kiwi party down the road once everyone else had left. Woes.

As for our party with our chommies, yes, it was once of "THOSE"...we have them from time-to-time to blow out the cobwebs. I think this was the 3rd or 4th "pyrex jug party", and the first once Beat, Mandy and Ryan attended. We hope you enjoyed it!

As for the myriad of photo's below, let's just say these were the ones fit for publication. It was a "wille-pille" party. Willer as die wildtuin; our house will never be the same again, haha!

Dankie al julle gomtorre, dit was groot sports!

Vroeg in die dag, en alles is baie beskaafd...

The Birthday Boy!

Mila, die pragtige poplap. Ons het jou gemis Slagter.

Best buddies for many years now. Jess is like our second daughter.

Packing these took me an hour. Harre werk.

...en toe vat Petie die spanner en draai die wheel-nuts los....

...en die eerste wiel val af...

...en toe die tweede wiel net voor ons die aftraande slaan....eisch!!

Die manne!

My liefling kry toe ook 'n lekker water-bad! X

Briar en Jakals!

No comment...

Beat and Mands' at their first "pyrex jug party".

Greg, the Pyrex Jug master...

Petie looking for trouble, and finding it.

Lenny C and Beat...

The Force, hy is ge-awaken nou. 

Petie en die kids op die Cruiser se dak, want dis mos wat mens doen na 'n wille kuier?!

Phew, almal is weg! Nou kan ons lekker rus tot volgende Saterdag. Beat and Mandy, are you sure you are ready for this?