Friday, April 17, 2015

The grass is in! To celebrate this (great) milestone a new Weber and outdoor setting was acquired.

After battling the Kwinana Freeway 4pm traffic, and building the Weber and then the outdoor set (first the wrong way around, then the correct way) we finally sat down to just chill. By that time it was dark though, so for now you'll have to trust me when I say the lawn is in :-)

Heatbeads burning and the Weber ready for it's maiden braai. How blessed are we?!
Oh, you can see the grass here too! 
15 Second exposures at ISO100,which is why we look so blurry...

Fill-flash helped a bit.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First unofficial braai at the new house... grass yet, and just a quick test run to check that I can still braai for other people, having not done so for a year! Bad spanner.

The braai was good though, but even I could tell I was a bit rusty!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Inside the new place.

Still pretty bare, but slowly putting up pictures, mirrors and the like. It is definitely starting to feel more like home with every passing day. Still very thankful to be in our own place.

Eugene chilling out in front of the TV. I still need to finish the skirting, surround-sound and some finishing touches.

No pictures in the lounge yet, and the lounge suite is temporary, but it's fine for now.
The reticulation and lawns are going in, which is why you can spot some clothes horses :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Autumn Braai, cricket and fun-and-games

So, we had another one of our get-together braai's, and all had a great time as usual. Greg and Briar could not make it, so we missed them, but there is always next time ;-)

I took a calmer, low-key role as I am still feeling the effects of a recent (bad) cold. I was the drinks mixer and photo snapper.

As with most of my recent pics, these are all j-pegs snapped with the GR.

Geno winding up one of the six balls hit over the we owe Uncle Petie a whole bag of balls :-)

MP getting ready to hit one too.


Good form Philip!

You can't tell, but these Martini's were luminous green. 

And these lovely ladies are holding deep-pink drinks. Check out the frosted rims on the glasses. Windgat!

Mum and her boy. Love 'em!

Technique is everything....

....uuuuummm, what can I say, I choose my friends very carefully....malgatte!

Drinking and driving. Double demerits boys!

At Nando's this morning after church.