Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weber Q - First Lamb Roast (success!)

Today Karin decided we were going to have real "Boerekos", and I am not one to argue with her ;-).

Anyway, we took the gamble of trying the roast on the Weber Q using the roasting trivet, and it came up good. Could not get much better I reckon. Mmmm!

Dankie lief vir die woes lekker ete. X



Karin's pompoen and cheesy cauliflower with bacon pieces! AWESOME!!

After #1

After #2

Yummo!! Chow time. Blessed, really.

RC Racing fun - Gene is getting better and better...

The new overhead timing-loop in position. Works a treat.
Rockingham RC Club - Slooo Mooo! from Brendon van Rensburg on Vimeo.

Lily, always ready to go somewhere, preferably for a walk on the beach ;-)

F1 ready to go.

Geno and his Sprint 2; he is improving all the time (~2 seconds a lap faster each time he races!)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gnomesville W.A. - What a blast

Just near Dardanap, in a place called Wellington Mill, there is a magical place called Gnomesville. It is clearly one of those places that start small and then just explode. It is roughly in the centre of nowhere, but it is worth the travel and visit. On the way there you'll find some cool pubs (Mad Cow Brewery is nice) and roadside eateries, such as Miami Bakehouse, which is on the Kwinana Southbound, a couple of k's past the Pinjarra turn-off.

Good call Terry!

15 Minutes before we left I got the fire nice and hot to ensure it kept the house warm while we were away.

WELL worth the stop. We stopped there again on the way back, haha!

Gotta remember this one...

The Wellington Log; 350 years old when it was cut down.
Not massive, but impressive all the same.

A real-life long-drop, or dunny. Gene was a little hesitant :-)
Yep, smelt like a flower garden (not).

Speaking of flowers...

Amazing to see a large orange tree, full of fruit, in the middle of this paddock.
Made me think of Genesis.

Gnomes anyone?

(Hand-held pano's, so not perfect, sorry).

Every family has one...nice colours though.

Hey! Boetie Klokow was here too! Mis jou swaer.

Karin taking a leap, with Karla video'ing and (no doubt) hoping for a "fail". Hehe!

The secret Avengers hideout discovered!

Kia Ora Bro.

Mad Cow Brewery. A must-stop for lunch. Great for the kids too.

Our handsome water boy!