Sunday, July 28, 2013

Braai at the Ban family. As usual, only the censored pictures made it onto this post :-)

...only Coca-Cola in that tumbler...

A bad sign...the ladies trying to fix the electrical appliances....

....and even scarier, they got it to work too, where us blokes failed !

Skylander best buddies.

Just chilling out. Good times.

Greg doing the facial Haka, haha!

MC, the future photographer. Man, he is soooooo cute!

Petie with his "old" D3200....I think there is a D800E in his future? Heard a rumour...

Our netball star! XXX

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Some quick weekend shots (Sony Rx100)

A quick braai on Saturday (as you do...)

It was very cold though, so we did not sit outside long. Had a Penfolds Port though.

Yesterday, on the train heading to Esplanade from where we'd walk down to the ferry terminal.

The two Eugene's in front of the Golden Sun ferry we went on.

Inside the ferry

The "balcony" of sorts out the back, looking back towards Perth CBD.

Spotting the Dolphins!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Freo Markets

A cool, at times rainy day, but the markets were packed regardless. Nice to visit once a year or so :-)

A large Numbat painting on the wall outside the markets.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pinnacles Road-Trip Convoy

A 6:30 a.m. start for a road-trip up towards The Pinnacles, with our mates the Ludick and Bann families, and some near perfect weather, resulted in a great day out. W.A. rocks!

Pies for breakfast in Lancelin.

Lancelin Jetty

Karin and I with me holding MC - Hy is nou ougat verby!

Sanchia & Karla

Pano of Lancelin Jetty with Petie and my shadow in the left, lower corner

Grasstree at Nilgen Lookout

Ouma & Eugene

"The Convoy" - Only 3 cars, but a convoy none the less.

Whale watching just off Wedge Island. The Whales were a ways away, but with the binoculars you could
 clearly see them breaching and venting. Amazing.

Karla and Sanchia on the dunes in the large dune field just outside Nambung National Park.

Petie wearing out his Nikon D-SLR :-)

Karin, Philip & Eugene on the highest dune, while Ouma, Andre and Sonja look on.

Leave only footprints

"Padkos" the right way. Here we all dig-in at the Pinnacles car park.

A Carnaby's Cockatoo

Blue Tongue lizard

...I forget...

Pinnacles Lookout, and we all take a load off.

Eugene and best-buddy Philip

The Girls

Karin with Ouma Bann

Bok and Pop with a snap (mandatory) taken at a typical local road-sign.

Ledge Point

And a final, but yet again mandatory, photo. Poor Roo.