Saturday, July 12, 2014

Portraits of Gene and Ka, both who have been quite sick this week.

Just before her interview (of sorts) earlier this week. Looks like 4-days a week and school hours are a goer!
Thanks Math and Helen, Geno bough a Dragon Power Ranger with his holiday money :-)
Thanks a million!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eugene on AWTA...

...OK, he copied it from one of the visitors passes :-)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fishing with Karla - South Mole, Freo

Well, as usual, I use the term "fishing" loosely, more to describe a best-case scenario rather than reality. Karla snagged a couple of crabs, but I caught zip. Still, it was a fabulous afternoon and it is always great to spend time with Karla, my "mooiste mooi!".

Karin was at home with Eugene, who is running a fever. I reckon the running around in the rain at footy on Friday was the cause.

Easily my favorite photo of Karla ever. My groot prinses X!

Putting some bait on the hook of her hand-line.
I was amazed she was not worried about handling the squid.

Love this pic.

My hart pyn skoon as ek na die foto kyk...lief vir jou lollie-pot.

One of the little rock crabs Karla caught. This was a baby, the other two were much bigger.

The Rotto Express passing behind a disused concrete pier full of Pied Cormorant's baking in the sun.

One of the live-export (sheep in this case) ships docked in Freo.

The Oberon-class submarine (HMAS Ovens) at the Maritime Museum in Freo.

Heading out to Rottnest Island. We plan to go over in October.