Monday, September 27, 2010

Point Walter - Fremantle

Not too many words today...

Point Walter - Looking out at the sand-bar
 Karin and the kids , with me looking back towards the car park (which is free!)

Karla & Eugene with a crab Karla spotted amongst the millions of sea-shells. 

Eugene enjoying the sun, sea and sand. If you look carefully you'll see he is no longer wearing nappies! Hurray!

Karla sitting on a bed of the "millions of shells" I mentioned above.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eugene's haircut & kids in the park

A HDR panorama of the kids playing handball in the park across the road from our house.

I gave Eugene a haircut on Thursday night with the clippers. This is the length you get with a #5 brush. 

Cute, hey?!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hillary's Boat Harbour, Hippo Creek & Vanessa+Kim

Yep, we had a busy weekend. I am now processing the photo's while drinking an ice-cold XXXX (beer from Queensland) and chilling out. Nice.

A wide shot of Hillarys Boat Harbour, about 30 minutes North of home (and also just North of Perth city).
We ate lunch in the building show on the far-right in the background (see below).

Hippo Creek is an "African Grill", serving the usual South African cuisine; biltong, droewors, 1kg marinated spare ribs, etc. Very nice and on the water at Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Karla enjoying some cheese cake and Karin with a Dom-Pedro. Very tasty!

That cold item in my hands is a classic SA cider; Hunters Gold. It hardly touched "the sides".

Eugene's latest craze is riding all manner of coin operated rides. Karla is normally happy to join in. The beauty is that you hardly ever need to throw money in, haha!

Karla Poepelala & Eugene "I'm not a little baby, I'm a big boy". He is now almost 80% toilet trained!

Karin soaking up the sun. It got to 26 and was pretty hot.

Eugene in his "pull ups". He hardly wears nappies anymore; only at night.

Yesterday morning we picked up some family who were on their way home (Adelaide). We had never met young Kimi before, so it was wonderful to finally see her. She is pictured here with Karla & Eugene.

A final photo showing the typical hail-damage one can see on cars here. About 4 months ago there was a huge storm here, causing massive damage. Bad, hey?!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Athlete Close-up

Running like the wind! Go Karla!

Friday, September 17, 2010

School Athletics at Kardinya Primary

Kardinya Primary Athletics Day - Lovely day with a top of 23 deg.C

Karla all dressed in her house colours - even her hair is blue!

Karla and some of her new mates at school.

Karla (centre) running in the 80m sprint.

She won!!! Her best friend, Claire, came a close third.

Karla and Claire

Karla taking part in the sack-races. Go Karla!

Basketball dribble racing - Look at the concentration!

Yesterday, Eugene went to play-group and drew/made his first spider. Cool, hey?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

AWTA Fremantle - Panorama

A wide-angle view showing the sample delivery area at AWTA's laboratory in Fremantle.
Click on the image for a larger version (1980 pixels wide)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The South African Shop visit

Just 15 minutes from home we have a large, well stocked South African goods store. The main reason for today's visit was a craving for Biltong (dried, cured meat). Mmmmm! We ended up spending a smidgen more than planned, but man everything tasted soooo good!

Karin and the kids outside Cape-to-Cairo

Eugene on his new bike. We just had to buy him one; his black bike is still in the container.

Some of the bits we bought. The biltong & drywors are not shown, as they were slowly being digested in our stomachs....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Karin's new car!

We were able to pick up Karin's new car yesterday, so she was over the moon! It is a tidy Hyundai Getz 1.6 with all the bells. There was a bit of a rigmaroll earlier in the day as the computer systems at Melville Toyota were "down" for a couple of hours. While we waited we had our new Western Australia drivers licenses done in town, so we are now well and truly settled; only waiting on our furniture. The salesman at Melville is a South African gent called Reinhardt. He gave us excellent service and we can happily recommend him.

Karin taken receipt of her new car from Reinhardt while Eugene looks on.

Karla was still at school, which is why she is not in this photo.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some recent panorama's

I am still panorama-mad, and as always dream of the day I bolt a Linhof Technorama 617 to my tripod, but until then I will struggle on using stitching software. I know it is a poor alternative, but I don't have $AU10,000 lying around at the moment...maybe on day!

South Perth, playpark and Ferry Terminal with the Perth CBD in the distance.

A paddle-boat steamer moored on the Swan River in South Perth.

The Swan river and Perth...

Point Walter about 15 minutes from home. Karin, Karla & a double Eugene at left...

Another view of Point Walter from the short jetty.

Swan River & Fathers Day

The heart of Perth's CBD close to sun-set on Sunday afternoon. We'd gone there for a drive and to see what it was like at the "beaches" around the river.

A wider angle photo showing the river and more of the city center.

Eugene & Karla basking in the afternoon sun. Just love 'em to pieces!

After church yesterday morning I was spoilt for breakfast at a coffee shop in Palmyra.
Good coffee (& desert...)

Eugene zooming about on a 3-wheel scooter Uncle Andrew gave him.

A quick photo of the car now that I have washed it, and it is presentable. We are picking up Karin's new car tomorrow at 1pm. She is super-excited to have her own wheels again.

Visitors from Wool Testing Bureau S.A.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Wian & Johan at the lab in Fremantle. Earlier that week they were in Melbourne attending the Technical Conference Dave Crowe had set-up. As usual Freo put on some great weather, and Math cooked up a storm on the gas barbie and (gas converted) Weber. He had a marinated kangaroo roast, some kangaroo sausage and other "normal" bits ready for lunch. Delicious!

L to R: Johan, Wian, Math, Andrew & Rob

Math checking on the Weber and its contents.

Math sealing the Kangaroo roast on the gas barbie before roasting in the Weber.