Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fremantle stroll - 26 Dec 2011

Taking a load off in Freo while Karin collects her iPhone.

Bok sitting down to get his statue/bust done. Check out those sunnies!

The old church in the hart of Freo.

Bellaroma Pizza for lunch....Mmmmmm!

We went down to Cottesloe to watch the sunset. Beautiful.

Christmas lunch at Greg and Briar's place

Greg carving the smoked ham while Briar and Karin look on.

The kids enjoyed the spa in the midday heat.

...all smiles in the cool water.

Jordan enjoying some peppermint crisp tart. Mmmm!

Brandy-soaked fruit cake and brandy double-thick custard. Bad!!!

Bok at Freo Markets and our Weber roasts

Bok with Karin and the kids outside the Fremantle Markets

My dad checking out all the fresh produce on offer. 

The lamb (what else?!) and Pork roasts before they went into the Weber....

...and 2 hours later. I finished the crackling in the oven.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Bok in Kings Park + something

A snap I took last night of my dad in Kings Park. This was after a 2 hour walking session in Garden City mall!

....aaah, and this one....those who know it, know what it is.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bok arrives in Perth. Yah!

My dad and I at Perth Int'l Terminal. It is good to have Bok here!

Eugene & Eugene Senior at the Fremantle Harbour entrance.

The family with my dad, while the port Pilot boat zooms by in anticipation of a large container ship entering the harbour.

The 2011 Sailing World Championships are currently on in Freo. This is one of the hundreds of support vessels moored in the safety of the  port.

My Dad on Skype to my mum in Napier, NZ. Modern Technology is amazing.

Westpac Booragoon Xmas dinner @ Eat Greek

Wow! What a fabulous setting, and the food, the best I've had in WA! To top the night off there was some real Greek dancing and everyone could throw and break some plates. As it was a buffet Karla was totally overwhelmed. When I told her she had total control of the Soft-serve machine I could tell it was like she had died and gone to heaven, haha! Put it this way, when both kids don't want to eat anymore, despite there being bowls of chocolate mouse beckoning, that tells you something. We positively could not shut Karla up on the way home. She was raving about the place all night long. Too cute!! Really growing up now...

Two small panorama's from inside EAT GREEK as the dancing began...

The dancers were pretty impressive, and knew their stuff. Karin and Karla at extreme left...

Karla holding her (very full) stomach!!

The Booze bus. The image was taken at ISO3200 with no tripod, so is a bit noisy.


Some of Karin's work mates enjoying the dance display. I could see Rob, Andrew and I on this dance-floor in March, haha!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Karla's Year-6 Formal dinner-dance

She is getting too big!!! She had a great time, and as usual, just could not stop talking and telling us all about the food, the dancing, the balloons, the........

Karla and her best friend, Jessica D.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bindi, the Australian Silky Terrier

After months of looking, and in a strange twist of fate, we finally have the pet dog we've been looking for. She is a Silky Terrier and was an extraordinary gift from good mates who live in Joondalup, North of Perth. Greg and Briar, we appreciate this tremendously! The kids are just over the moon (as are we)!

She is a beautiful, lively Silky and is sure to keep us fit and young. We've already had a couple of runs with her at the local sports ground (in the Perth heat no less).

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Natalie, Bevan & young Van's visit

Natalie, Bevan & Van digging in. Karin, delicious as always!

The cousins getting down to some serious play-time together.

Young Van is a big, healthy boy with a respectable appetite! Good on him!

Hatield Way Christmas street party

The tables & BBQ just across the road from us. Cool!

Karla keeping an eye on the meat while I snap some photo's.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Music Showcase - Karla @ Kardinya Primary

Karla just before their guitar recital.

Karla and her fellow guitarists

Eugene and Karin enjoying the music

The Senior Choir doing Michael Jackson's "Heal the World". Very nicely done!

The smile you get when dad pulls some silly faces!

A final shot...