Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ootong & Lincoln in Freo

So, decided to try something new this morning and had some (really good) coffee and egg+toast at Ootong & Lincoln in Freo this morning. We can recommend it; great atmosphere and food/drink. Just next door to it we bought some farm-fresh milk, which still had the cream floating on top. I have not seen that in something like 20 years. It brought back a lot of memories of South Africa and my childhood days when milk was still delivered like this to your door. The milk was also in glass bottles, but sealed with such neat little aluminium caps...those were the days.

How blessed are we?! Love 'em.

Inside Ootong & Lincoln. Great spot, but finding parking nearby can be a challenge on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Mmmm! Flat white with an extra shot.

It is not that clear in this photo, but the cream is floating on top of the milk.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Some portraits with the Fujifilm X30 - Nice bouquet...

Colour filter in monochrome mode


House windows in...white render happening this weekend

As always there is progress. We'd like it to be faster, but are not complaining. At least every time we drive South something has happened.

Windows in the lounge/dining area...

Gino in our bedroom

...later the same evening having a flat-white and Gino's in Freo.

The scene from our table. Freo has it's faults, but it is still a great spot.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

John Hughes Big Walk

Some pictures from earlier today. We got up late and then had to rush to the train station for the trip to Burswood, but luckily made it in-time. Six kilometers, and a hot day later, and we were pretty tired. All good though, and just after this post I'll be flopping down in front of the TV.

Bright and early at the Cockburn station waiting for the train to Perth.

Some Zumba warm up exercises before the walk began.

About 500m into the walk, just before we crossed the bridge en-route to Victoria Gardens.

Karla helping out when Eugene's energy levels started dropping :-)

About 3k's in, and stopping for a breather.

He was nearly "dead" after the walk, but show him some sort of play-park and
 he becomes the Energizer Bunny again, haha!

Karla giving Gino some directions on how to reach the summit....

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Healthy burgers and a busy Freo

We popped out for a bite in Freo, and had some delicious burgers at "Healthy Burgers". Freo itself was buzzing. Summer is back.

Eugene at Gino's wearing my jacket as it was getting a little cooler.

Karla had a sleep-over at Callan's place Friday evening, so we were glad to have her back :-)

The old, but newly renovated National Hotel in Freo.

Friday, November 7, 2014

House Progress - Early Nov '14

Not long now, and we'll be at "lock-up" stage. Our friend, Mr Dove, was also checking things out.

What will become Braai-Central in a couple of months...sitting room, dinning room and kitchen (open plan; seperate theater room).

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Big Walk - Help kids with Cancer

Donate if you can (link below), or even better, join the Team (called the Bad Spanners)...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jess and Karla making "Vetkoek"

Karla and Jess with fresh vetkoek and tomato jam...mmmm! 
The dough frying in hot oil in my, ummm, cast iron pot...

My chommie, Golliwog Bann, with some chilli-wings on the braai.

Time to dish up...

Buddies, and MC is now getting in on the action. Things will be hectic around braai's in 2-3 years from now (they already are!).

Eugene - Kahuna Falls sequence