Monday, December 29, 2014

Little Creatures brekkie & friends

ATM in the fridge. How cool is that?

Now THAT'S what you call a bicycle!

Karla hijacking Eugene's Xmas prezzie...

Breakfast at Little Creatures is always good. Highly recommended.

~11am, and getting quite busy already.

Karin, Briar and Mandy. The Hess and Neumann families were exploring Freo for the day.

The manne with some Bright Ale in their hands, while Ryan enjoys the sandpit.

Clever take on a Xmas tree.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014 - with our mates. Thanks Lord for them.

Wow, Christmas has come and gone. Unreal! We all had a great time sharing the day with all our WA friends, old and new.  What a lekker party we had, and so thankful for our family away from family. You guys make this home. Thanks, Dankie, Inkosi. Alles is mooi, soene vir al julle gomtorre ;-)

Here follows a marathon post, as occurs from time to time.

Our hosts for the day. Thanks a million guys from all of us, we had a great day.
Ons waardeer al julle moeite baie.

Love you guys X.

Andre and Beat chilling out, getting to know each other. Beat and Mandy are new Aussies, permanently moving over in May.
Welcome you guys; "nou gat ons braai!"

The ladies chilling out.

What can I say? I'm such a lucky bloke. X

Almost looks as good as if it were cooked on a gas Weber, hehehe!

Briar's cool Christmas tree. Come 9pm there were only 2 chocolates left.

Oom Kallie makes a brief initial appearance.

Petie, Greg and Beat with Karla looking on.

Petie showing everyone what NOT to drink...

All I can say is these three are bound to get up to mischief (or more of it I should say) in the years ahead.

Briar and Greg, our chommies from up North.

Sonia, Sanchia and Kallie, our other goeie chommies from the North.

Beat, Mandy and Ryan, our new chommies, but we will
try to get them to move to Dockers country ;-)

Oom Kallie came out to play. Malgat!

Our lovely Karla. Jy is nou maar eenmaal net ons prinses X.

Happiness is...

Mandy helping Ryan unwrap a prezzie.

Trouble x 3, but we love 'em.

Playing musical presents with secret Santa gifts.

Petie with "The machine"...I have camera envy :-)

Musical presents boys-style...yep, discussing the rules and why they need changing...

Mariaan taking on camera duty while Petie is busy with the secret-Santa game.

Greg and Andre. Greg's new gift was going to come back to haunt him soon...see below.

The great selection of refreshments on offer. Mmmm!

Greg said "If you guys can get do X, I'll down a beer", and wouldn't you know it, the
very next moment Petie did X! Eisch boet, bad luck, haha!

3 Rings for the Taxi!

Smoked chicken and Turkey cooked on the GAS Weber. Mmmmmm!

Us with our hosts, Mariaan and Petie.

Greg and Briar making their famous Pavlova. It was just as good (i.e. awesome) as last year!
Hope you guys realise this is now set to be tradition in perpetuity.

Along with Pavlova there was Marshmallow and Peppermint Crisp tart. All very, very tasty.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Visiting the Lewis family, then Krispy Kreme's (yah!)

We left home at 9:10 am and got home almost 12 hours later. Yikes. First we went to Leederville for some coffee and toast, then to Greg's place to meet his family, then to Steven and Tash to deliver Mila's birthday present a year late (bad spanner!) before visiting the new Krispy Kreme factory in Whitfords...yep, they are still the best dougnuts ever (EVER!).

Slagtertjie, dankie vir al daai biere, jo, ek was lui na daai sessie maar die suiker vannie doughnuts het darem gehelp, haha!

PS: To regular viewers; do these photo's looks any good, or different to normal?

On the way for brekkie in Leederville. Karla and Gene with the Timmy Trumpet poster.

Also in Leederville, just outside the Kailis Fish & Chips shop.

Gene feeding Steven and Tasha's choocks, while Karla, Steven and the two dogs (Lulu and Tui) look on.

Steven's Pineapple,....or is it Tasha's?

I want to steal Lulu. beautiful Silky Terrier. Mind you, would steal Tui too ;-)

After almost a year little Mila finally got her birthday present. X

Cool idea!

Karla and Tui.

Slagtertjie with some of his hand-made sausage rolls. Was woes lekker! Thanks broer.

The queue of cars at the 24 hour drive through at the first (and only) Krispy Kreme store in WA.
Looks carefully, the line is 3 cars deep, and this was 6:15 pm, weeks after the store opened. Crazy!

Yep, still AWESOME!

Gene and Philip with their cool KK caps on ;-)