Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My mate George & Rocky the Pug

Just received this photo from a mate of mine in Newcastle, NSW. It shows Rocky, his pug wearing some 70's style mirror shades. Cool photo!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Church, deep-fryer and packing

This morning at least the sun was out, and we could finish in-time for church. The photo below shows Derik, our dominee, giving the morning sermon.

Me frying some chips and fish in our old "new" deep fryer. We received it as a gift almost 2 years ago, but to prevent paying duty when sending it back to Oz, we had to use it. Works great!

The kids busy helping Karin clearing some books and toys from their cupboards in preparation for the big move to Perth. Exciting times.

Karla chilling with a book and a cup of hot chocolate after lunch.


26 Days to Perth!

So, we only have 26 more days in Napier before returning home. What a fantastic thought. In the mean time it has been cold and wet here, so we are pretty-much house bound (not good for the diet...). This post is meant to get this blogspot "moving" again :-)

Rain and puddles in the front yard

Karin and Karla on their way to buy some shoes at Rebel Sports. As you can see the fire was blazing to warm things up.
A image looking out the front door...

The kids "baking" us some cakes & muffins with play-dough. Eugene is a little sick, which is why he is still in his pajama's.

That's it for today. More to follow.