Friday, April 26, 2013

Caversham Wildlife Park

...and some wildlife photo's Karin snapped on her trusty 1100D....

A Gang-gang Cockatoo (right) and a pair of Electus parrots. The male is the green one, the female the with a red head.

A close-up of the Gang-Gang Cockatoo.

A MAjor-Mitchell cockatoo.
A brown Barking Owl

Golden Possum

Karin and the kids with a Wombat

With a white baby Kangaroo. Something tells me Eugene is going to be more of a "tech head" than a zoo keeper.
The smells associated with animals does not impress him, haha!

Speedy the camel...

The kids going for their first ever camel ride. They loved it and Karin went for a ride after them.

Our Aussie boy among Aussie wildlife.

...and our big princess (who turns 13!! next week), who is now as tall as her mum.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Of Super Heroes and little boys

Eugene with his heroes. My big boy !

...and among his other toys, with which he often enters his own world.
All images auto-stitched with the RX100.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nespresso. Much (much!) better than I expected.

Been a week now and the little machine is pumping out one perfect espresso and ristretto after another. Just loving it and the old, "real" machine is now in the shed, unlikely to ever be used again. Capsules cost a smidgen, but the coffee is just great, and so much easier than the old way.