Monday, June 27, 2011

Ian Mathersul & Tina in the QC Office

Ian and Tina hard at work.

Freo with the Matthee family

Karin, Karlien, Charl & I waiting for the Weber to "get up to temperature".
We put a chiken, some potatoes and kumara on. Delicious!
Karla outside the Westpac branch where Karin started work last week.
It is part of the Booragoon Garden City complex.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The last week in pictures

AWTA lit with the new 30 watt LED floodlights. Impressive stuff.

The Gravity Tower in Gin-Gin, just North of Perth. Great for a day-trip.

Eugene and Karla on the beach at Guilderton, on the way back home from Gin-Gin.

Eugene relaxing on his new couch; a gift from uncle-Math.
Some of the local insects digging up the paving at home!

Karla keeping her brother warm on our bed this morning. Cute, hey?!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kangaroo Strike, Wind-Racer and Weber


My cousin, Charl, popped in for a beer on Saturday, and
this is what his ute looked like after a small run-in with the local wildlife.
Karla walks into the lounge last night to tell us she has a small project to do for school.
I ask, "When is it due?". She replies, "Tomorrow".      Kids!!
Dad sat up 'till late with epoxy in his hands and hair...

It is cooler in the arvo's, but still great to light a fire and relax with the braai going.