Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fire - Imagine life without it. Darem maar 'n lekker ding, en moeviese blessing van Bo.

So eenvoudig, maar tog so wonderlik, ne?! Ai, wens al ons pelle en familie kon ook nou saam met ons hier sit.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Araluen Garden & Canning Dam

Well, got up at 9am (lovely) and after a slow coffee decided to head out for the day. This despite the wet, cold weather forecast, but as is normally the case, it ended up being a good outing. Back home now with the fire burning and F1 free practise 3 about to start. Does it get any better?!
The roofed hut you can hire for birthday parties. As I was leaving the ranger was starting the fire.
How cool (excuse the pun) is that?

Karla with her latest hair colour. Crazy chick ;-)
Canning Dam, and seconds later the rain poured from the sky, resulting in a long dash back to the car. Fun!
An action shot while we were running back to the car.
Safely home...

Friday, July 8, 2016

Some early holiday snaps...very relaxing thus far,....aaaaah!

Hot Chocolate at Moore & Moore in Freo.

Hart se punte ;-)

Having a good laugh while enjoying a burger at Missy Moo's in Freo.

Had a bath-check,  had her annual vaccinations-check, had dinner-check, sleeping in bed,
next to mum on her paws, being cute-check. It IS a dog's life!

Gene and Lily up to their usual playing.

Eugene is happy as Larry in his own cubby-house. Woollen carpet and blankets for the roof.

Having lunch while watching Foxtel Go in the cubby...Lily is waiting for some nibbles...


Baby Hond!

Home-made Chicken Korma pie. Dankie my lief!

Closing up shop for the night...