Sunday, May 28, 2017

Whiteman Park Day Trip & Markets

Last Sunday we took advantage of the clear, warm weather and took the 45 minute drive to Whiteman Park. There were some craft markets, animal displays and also the little steam train to enjoy.

The morning before we left; Eugene with his model-bazooka...

In the reptile display area with some Bobtail lizards. You too can have one for $150.

Pretty little critters really.

One of Karla's interest; Indian hand painting or Henna. Yes, I had to buy her a kit so she can do it at home too ;-)

Some of the food stalls at the market.

Eugene on what will probably be his last chance to ride ponies. He is just getting too big, haha!

Look at his legs :-)

Inside one of the passenger wagons for the little steam train which runs in Whiteman Park. Very cool.

Yes, someone got some coal in her eye, and this was Dad's innovative solution...

Eugene on the Mussel Pool platform while the train driver cleaned out the waste box.

Later that night out walking with Lily. This is the park and lake about 400m from home.