Friday, June 29, 2012

The Long-Lunch - A big "thank you"

Yesterday we had a BBQ to thank all staff at AWTA Freo for their support and hard work over the past 12 months. What made it really good was that we could all sit around the same table, and even arvo shift could join us, which was great.

AWTA Freo lunch-room and the long table.

12:41pm; chow-time!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunny WA

Inside 9 SEEDS coffee shop on Marmion Rd - Great coffee's if you're ever in the West.

Soaking up the sunshine outside 9 SEEDS

Milkshakes, Flat Whites and chips. Mmmm!

Just check that smile and the leather jacket!

Hand-cut, skin-on chips. Only had two, but they were greeeaaaatt!!!

Karin doing some final gardening while the sun was shining.

His favorite food by a country mile; Bacon & Egg 

Some of Karla's figurine's. She is better at it than I will ever be. Good on you princess!

Had this ale in Melbourne last week. Right up there in my top 3 beers of all time.
 #1 = STOKE, #2 = Monteiths Black & #3 = Little Creatures Pale Ale

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eugene Bubble-bath and Transformer suit

...the photo's are a week or two "old". I cut Eugene's hair and the photo's show him in the bath directly after the haircut. After he got out of the bath, he put on his favorite Transformers suit. Cute.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1971 AMC Javelin + AE TC4 chassis

Original 1971 colour scheme on a classic American muscle car body. The numbers, J71 and AE logo are all painted on, not stickers. This was my first try at using liquid-masking, which worked great.

Monday, June 4, 2012

When we were young...pre 1999

Karin and her red VW Beetle. This photo is from ~1994, taken on an old Olympus. I developed and printed this myself at the Uni Physics dept.

My cousin, Martin (right) and I playing as only kids can. We were best of mates for many years.

John Billing & I in Melbourne at the F1-GP track. This was back in 1996. I was WTBSA Lab Controller and I think John was DP Controller.

A legend in his own time. Sas Douglas spoilt us for dinner at Lazar's, his favorite steakhouse (which sadly closed in 2008). Just look at the size of the steaks!
My very good friend, Brian Fisher is seated in the middle. He was a manufacturing & design master.

Just before we left for NZ. Here Karin and I are pictured with another legend, Chris Botes at his 60th birthday party. I had resigned a week before this photo was snapped.
On the Wednesday before the party I asked "Is it OK if we still come?" Chris replied, "Don't be stupid, off course you can come!", so we did :-)
Also pictured is my mate, Brian, now retired and his wife Yvonne (standing, wearing glasses).
Another one of Martin (my cousin; aka Noekie) and I from ~1976 at their house in Silverton.

L to R: Me, uncle Henk, Aunt Julie, Martin, my dad and Markie. Probably ~1974.

Me with my grandmother and my Dad at "Fonteine" in Pretoria.

Yahava Coffee shop - A true coffee house, with a beautiful setting and homey atmosphere

Karin and Eugene chilling out. Check-out the coffee table,

Classic. Naturally it does not apply to me, hehe!

How nice is this? Drank my long-black and read the paper in the warm, relaxing sun. Heaven.

Wonderwoman and Superman....


"Hand over the coffee and nobody get's hurt!"

Inside Yahava. Free coffee tasting all day, and the guys know their stuff.

Lunch-stop for the kids.

Last stop on the day. The restaurant (& cook) is French, so the food sounds amazing. Th

The Chocolate Factory in the Swan Valley. Long Weekend in W.A. - Niiiiccee!

Inside The Chocolate Factory on West Swan Road in the Swan Valley. Not a good place to visit if you're trying to cut back, haha!

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere!

Now this is what you call a Florentine. Huge and deeelicious!

Yesterday topped 26, so it was quite comfortable to sit outside and enjoy  a cuppa. The kids loved it.

Happiness Is....

Drinking his milkshake through his empty ice-cream cone. Double sugar hit!

Inside the factory shop. There are viewing windows into the factory itself too.

Love them to pieces. Karla reading as usual. She must read a book a day or more?!