Saturday, November 26, 2016

Westpac Booragoon Christmas Lunch - The Atrium @ Crown Perth

Thank you to Heston and all the Westpac employees (and partners) for a thoroughly enjoyable lunch on Saturday. Here are some snaps.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Souvla Time - Part II

After a hectic week, it was nice to chill-out, light a fire and enjoy some top-shelf wine. Jakkals helped  with the finer points of prepping lamb for the souvla, and it was faaaaantastic! Chicken was nice too, as were the pork ribs, but the lamb was unreal.

Now, here comes Monday, so head down and away we go...

(All photo's Ricoh GR)

The spread. Thankful for it and the many Blessing we receive every day.

Hey?! How good does that look??!

Checking the balance. After adjusting some of the pork ribs, away it went.

Before the skewers went on. The garlic chicken from Scarfo's was pretty darn good too.

Grey, just as it says it should be on the packet.

What? No Pyrex jug??

A real, and rare treat. Some 2011 Bin 389 with Jakkals.
The wine, by the way, was un-be-lievable. Honestly, did not even taste like red wine as we (or at least I) know it.
To be honest, I was relieved that it was as good as it was.

Secret herbs and spices,, the lamb was good.

Our baby. Cutest dog, ever.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Scary is done. Thanks Karla!

So, here are some snaps. This post is in "Australian" for a mate of mine who doesn't quite understand the Afrikaner lingo ;-)

All dressed-up with somewhere to go.
Karla did all the makeup, but is going to another, seperate party tonight, thus only the three of us.

Karin is still smokin' hot, even as a vampire ;-)
(...I don't have make-up on; just went for a beer in a pub in Brakpan last night...)

Us with our makeup artists...

Friday, November 11, 2016

First 2016 summer braai and starting the usual pre-summer lawn work.

Even though it does not looks so here, the lawns have been aerated, fertilised and
some soil improver spread (dark brown bits on lawn). Looks great now (a week later).

For those that know us, yep, the usual....
One of Lily's bones are in the foreground (sheep neck).

Lily, getting ever rounder. Like they say, "Die baas lyk soos die hond...."