Sunday, May 15, 2016

VTA Racing and getting Geno's car ready

In preparation for his first weekend of racing in VTA (Vintage Trans-Am) class we had to get some wheels + tyres, and also a suitable body. He wanted something with Turbo's, and the closest thing to it was an HPI Ford Mustang (1969, same as my Camaro). Took a bit of doing to paint the headlights (real, recessed units) and bonnet intakes, but it looks good. Just need to get some offset rear-rims now to fill the wheel arches better.

Busy swapping over the wheels.

Shacking the paint can so the painting can begin.
He chose Tamiya PS37; a bright red.

3rd Coat drying...

Geno watching me cut out the "turbo's.

Yep, one happy young fella!

My Camaro - the offset wheels make a big difference.

...not forgetting 'ol trusty Deadbolt. Bit like a Toyota Hilux; everything keeps going right, always right :-)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Getting back into the game...., and loving it.

It's not like riding a bike, no, much more like having a drink around the fire with a long-lost mate. Shaun, Raymond, Abu, Johan and I spent many (MANY) hours around the track back-in-the-day. Great times, great mates and some of the best of my life, even now. My boy (and daughter; although she is now driving real cars) is now getting into it, so the spark has been re-kindled, so away we go.
Found a nice club, good guys, and it still gives me the rush it always has. Blessed, that is for sure, and Karin is as supportive as she's always been (how lucky am I?!).
Camaro (mine), Porsche (Eugene's) 

The Crawler is still hanging around (tough as nails this rig), but just not as
exciting as on-road racing.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Karla turns sweet-16!! Nooooo, show is growing up too fast!

Ons lifelike prinses, wat nou-die-dag nog so klein was, het 16 geword! Waar het die tyd gegaan?! Sy is so lieflik, en ons is so baie trots op die pragtige jong dame wat sy geword het. Baie lief vir jou ons kind, ons dank die Here elke dag vir jou in ons lewe. XX x 1000000 + 1.