Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First day of the holidays

First day of the holidays, and we took a loooong walk in and around Freo, even visiting the original AWTA lab in Freo, which is now a furniture store.

Inside what was once AWTA Fremantle...

Boat storage done the WA way...

Outside a famous local Fish & Chips shop; a bit of a irony :-)

Eugene's favorite statue at Bathers Bay. This, and the next six images, are all in and around Bathers Bay, Freo.

Lunch. 4 Nuggets at Hungry Jacks.

One day when I grow up...

Have you ever looked at a modern traffic "light" close up? Interesting.

House Progress - Roof going up

Roadtrip - Seeing the Indian Ocean drive when it is not 40+ degrees

Ready, Steady, ....

Wedge Island beach shack settlement. These shacks are used by holiday goers and cray fishermen, and are on the beach directly across from Wedge. 

It was once a Kangaroo.

Spine, ribs and and some dead maggots. Dead maggots? I meant to say, more new flies. 

A typical road scene between Lancelin and Cervantes.

Just past the Nilgen Lookout, and you can see the rain in the distance. What a contrast to summer, when the heat can be stiffling.

Japanese tourists....the answer is, "Who knows", but no doubt there will be some peace-signs involved, haha!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hotcakes and then the eating of a farm...

After last nights braai at the Bann-family, this morning we had a nice late start (9am), during which Karla and Jess made some hotcakes. Can you say "sugar high?"....

...then a little later we travelled to Greg and Briars place and ate two cows, a horse and various other small farm animals, hahaha! ....and yes then some Peppermint Crisp tart too.....bad spanners!

Meat from Mufasa's butcher in Joondalup.

Braai, Salmon and Peppermint Crisp tart...

Two weeks ago at Petie and Mariana's place....chilling around a fire (hard to beat).

Last weekend. Jarrah-smoked Salmon....now that is truly unbeatable. No steak or chop can touch it.

Salmon, fresh avo, prawns and brown bread. Mmmmm!

26th Sept; Eugene helping mum prepare some peppermint crisp chocolate for the tarts...

The spoils of helping out :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Brickwork ~40% done, and the sun is finally shining! Yah!

It looks messy, but our house is the one in the centre of the pic.

What will be the lounge/kitchen, with the TV room one the left.

Another view of the kitchen/lounge.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Bricks! Finally, the walls are taking shape. Awesome!

After waiting for months, we finally had some brickies on-site today and the walls are going up. Karin even sweetened the deal for them by dropping a case of beer before heading home to our rental...good girl!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Newdegate Roadtrip - South-East W.A.

I was fortunate enough to travel down to the famous Newdegate Machinery Field Days down in the South-East of W.A. This place holds a lot of memories for many of us (and now me), not least of which is Ian Mathersul, Rob Hallion, Andrew Lindsay, Ian Ashman and many others...

Great place, and God willing, can't wait for next year :-)

Threeways Cafe, North Bannister, where we always stop for coffee. Not the best coffee by any stretch, but tradition dictates that you HAVE TO stop here.
North Bannister is a small town located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, 94 kilometres south-southeast of Perth along Albany Highway between Armadale and Williams.

Lake King Motel. Another legendary stop, where the pepper-sauce is delivered by the truck-load, haha!
Great spot. If you ever need a place to stay down this part of the world talk to Murray and let him look after you.

Tripple Kahlua & a pint of Milk anyone?
The fireplace inside the Lake King motel, fuelled by Mallee root (the best ever fuel for a fire).

The Lake King Goods Shed was constructed in 1936 and is (amazingly) still used as a goods receival point today.
The Lake King Tea Room (or "Agencies") across the road from the shed.