Sunday, February 26, 2017

Karla Year-12 Ball. How can this be? She was only small yesterday??!

So, on Friday it was Karla's Year 12 (Matric) Ball....time just keeps on flying! Still can't really believe it. I was lucky enough to snap some of the photos of the big day. Karla looked amazing and stunning all at the same time (no Dad-bias here folks). Ryhan made a very handsome partner and they looked very elegant together. It was a usual Perth summers-day, so the temperature was still at 35 degrees when the Limo picked them up;...poor lads in their suits :-(

Karla & Ryhan in East-Perth. Note the necklace Karla is wearing; can you see it in the photo below?
And before that it was worn by Karin's Mum too :-)

...don't know the bloke with Karin, but he had a lot of hair...

Karla and her group of friends. Will be interesting for them to all look back on this in 20 years from now.
L to R: Stephen, Sara, Karla, Ryhan, Steph, Sophie, Blake, Lauren, Joseph, India and Matt.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Karla - Starting Year 1 in 2005, and starting Y12 on 1 Feb 2017...our girl is growing up :-(

Taradale Primary, Napier, New Zealand
2nd May 2005 (on her 5th birthday) 
1 Feb 2017 - The first day of Year 12 (Matric)
Applecross Senior High, Perth, W.A.