Sunday, March 31, 2013

Belated Easter pics

As usual the Easter Egg hunt was great fun, with Eugene darting around just like Karla used to when she was younger. She was very gracious in "not seeing" many of the eggs so her brother could find them. Yep, chocolate at 7am is a great way to start the day, haha!

...and the RX100 continued pumping out amazing pics. Just look at that Zeiss out-of-focus blur; love it.

Swan Valley,W.A.

Enjoying the sunshine and superb coffee at Yahava

..and Karla & Gene with their chocolate muffins.

Inside Yahava while Karin paid for the four cups we bought.

Aaaah, Elmar's, a little piece of Germany in W.A. Well worth the visit!

Me with the "menu" for the five taster beers. Niiiiice!

Dinner is served. Karla has F&C, Gene had "Bush Tucker" and Karin has Wiener Schnitzel.

Thumbs up! :-)

Mmmm! Es ist gut!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Paas Vrydag en kar toetsrit

Eugene, ready for a road-trip, but he wanted to stop for brekkie at Macker's first...

All smiles and ready for a bite.
After an hour in the car, time to stretch everyone's legs and soaking up some vitamin D.

A photographic epiphany! Do you know how hard it is to make panoramic photo's with out of focus sections?!

A favorite of mine; Nilgen lookout near Cervantes.

A "Holga'ish" photo with her constant companion, her iPod.

My beautiful wife. XX

Karla on her iPod; Geno on the

Stopping for lunch in some newly built shelters. Cool! 
Playing with some panoramic effects. Close-up and out of focus areas.

This image is deceptive. It is very hard to stitch images with out-of-focus areas. This one was shot at f/1.8!!!

The front garden from lower down.

A final photo. I sat here setting up the Fanotec Pano-head and my RX100.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Braai by die Bann gesin

Petie & Danie . Gee 'n man 'n bier en 'n braai en alles is mooi! 
Die dames praat diep-dinge!

Die manne met die "kanne" innie hanne.

Karla, Philip en Geno woes aan die speel.

Jitte, maar dit lyk nou lekker!

Geno, MC en Philip

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The last week in review, incl the Wagin road-trip

Just over a week ago we attended a high-school BBQ to meet Karla's new teachers. Nice (huge) school.

One for my dad, showing the local fauna...

Last weekend we had Andre, Sonia and their daughter over for a Potjie (South African stew cooked in a cast-iron pot-belly pot)

Geno slipped and bumped his head on the tiled floor, so it was out with a bag of frozen peas. He loved it :-)

Rob at the wheel on our way to Wagin (photo Mark Edwards)

A short way into the trip home be stopped for refreshments at the Highbury Tavern. It was about 3pm on a Friday, and it was closed!?
We had an Esky, so lukcily could still enjoy this traditional watering hole.

Yesterday, Skyping my folks in NZ. They are well and, as always, it was good to talk to them after a busy week.