Saturday, November 30, 2013

Serpentine Dam, W.A.

About 40 minutes from home is the main water-supply dam to Perth, called the Serpentine Dam, presumably due to it's shape when viewed from the air.

A view from the "Cafe on the Dam" outside eating area.
The Ring-Neck's here are VERY tame, readily sitting on your shoulder to eat.

Karin and the kids waiting for me at the foot of the stair, with the pump-house in the background.

Karin, the dam road and spillway at right.

A look down the spillway, as it was blasted through the hill.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rusty and the big snip-snip...poor things!

Rusty sitting (rather gingerly) waiting for some ice-cream, as he has not eaten since last night.

Looking sorry for himself, but it all went well.  He is even micro-chiped now :-)

Rusty "airing" the ouchies part (discreetly hidden). Despite it all, he still follows us around as always.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

First swim of summer at the Ludick family

Andre, Karla, Sanchia, me and Eugene cooling down.

Sanch, Geno and Karla. Boys will be boys...he was born in Sydney after all, haha!

Sonia and Karin relaxing and reminiscing about our younger days. We also had a chance
to browse photo albums, which was cool.

Karin and Candy. Too cute!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Harbour Town, Leighton Beach and (last week) trying Little Creatures "IPA"...

Eugene with the big sneaker at Harbour Town shopping mall.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eugene Assembly - Overdue

All pics taken on the RX100 by my beautiful wife and photographer, Karin :-)

Eugene in his Troll outfit that mum made. Cool!

Eugene with some of his mates (or should I say "partners in crime", haha!)

Ms Lowe getting the boys set on stage.

Final rehearsal so they don't forget the words :-)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Starlight experiments with Karla and the D7000

In taking some high ISO images last night, I illustrated to Karla how patches that appear completely black in the night-sky are in fact filled with millions and millions of stars. The very bright "star" is Venus.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Braai, Scooter rides and birthday parties.

Yesterday was a pretty full-on day. We were up early and left for Freo at 6am sharp. Yes, the kids were up too! We stopped in at our usual haunt, had some coffee's and hot-chocolate and read the paper. After this we went to a birthday party for one of Eugene's class-mates (Emily) and I shot one of my nicest panoramic images yet (just over 150 mega-pixels).

Then, quickly packed up, shot home and loaded some beers etc. for the braai at Petie and Mariana's place. Got home at 10pm and Karin and the kids went to bed, and I finished watching the F1-GP qualifying (GO WEBER!) and then Thor, after which I went to Lala-land too.

Double-shot flat-white at Gino's.

Spider-man kid in the making...

Braai Photo's below

Karla playing with Dad's camera again; I don't mind, I'm teaching her the finer techniques :-)

Our hosts, Petie and Mariana

Young MC

...the mandatory Braai image...

Karin zooming around on Eugene's (was first Karla's) Razor scooter.

Mariana was "in the wars" most of yesterday. First she bumped her toe, then hurt her ankle and then I dropped a gazebo pole onto her eye.
They say these things happen in 3's, so she should be OK now, haha!

Petie could not resist the scooter either :-)

Soon MC's feet will reach, and then I have a feeling we'd better watch out!

Blurry picture by Karla before she broke my camera. Need a new Nikon DF now...(hint-hint).