Saturday, January 28, 2017

Shoalwater evening walk with Lily and the family

The latest thing,...building a 1500 piece puzzle.

Geno at the beach with his UK-sweets grenade (candy spray).

Leaving only footsteps...

One of the hundreds of similar shells strewn all over the beach.

Penguin Island just after sunset.

A sequence showing Lily having a ball in the sea. Not afraid at all and swims like a dolphin :-)

Karla snapping a photo of Seal Island (below).

The small jetty where you board the ferry to cross to Penguin Island.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Straya Day 2017 at The Ludicks

Aaaah, a mid-week break was good, if not a tad warm. Driving to Andre and Sonja's place yesterday the car showed 41-42 degrees outside. Still, it was Perth's typical dry heat, so tolerable (and we had beer, and ice...)

We all had a good day with the usual fun-and-games. We also now know that as a group we are excellent at Movie-Charades, haha! I think the longest it took us for a correct guess was 30 seconds.

Beat nearly destroyed ye' ol' trusty Ricoh GR yesterday with a good dose of water while he was cooling everyone down; bad spanner ;-)

Karla flashing her newly restored Colgate smile. Beautiful! X

The three lads with Candy sneaking in more kisses :-)

Sonia (or should I say Rachel) flicking her new, red locks for the camera.

Rooikop Oom Kallie...

Here we go...Kallie & Usain Straya Bann

The ladies with Mr. Super Bann ;-)

Beat and Sanchia cooling each other down. Bit over-exposed, sorry.

It was that warm that Ryan was pouring water down everyone's backs. Good boy!

Geno-Bumbino with mum, and MC on his way over.

The boys eating icy-poles and watching the adults play charades.

Karla having a go, and doing well.

Yep, we braai'd, or should I say BBQ'd (gas, you see). But, it was a Weber, so all was good ;-)

Mmmmm, poeding! 10/10 geweest, dodelijk :-)

Sonia also spoilt us with real-coffees from the van. Dankie Sonie!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gene se Birthday braai saam met ons pelle

Yesterday we could again have all our friends over for a braai-party to celebrate Eugene turning 9 on the first of January. The party, and water-fight, seems to be becoming and institution and was great fun. Eugene only got out of bed at 9am, which tells you a lot. Just as surprising was Karla being up at 8:30 (i.e. before Eugene), which just never happens, so expect rain or snow...

To everyone who came, thanks so much for making this day special. Without you guys coming down here, it would never be the great celebration it is.

Dankie Here vir al ons seeninge, liefde van ons vriende en alles wat U vir ons gee. 

Hier kom die fotos...some great, fun-filled snaps too!

Jess, Eugene and Karla just before the first guests arrived.

Die manne, diep in gesprek oor die Weber en watter punt wind-op moet wys, hehe.

Karin putting the 9 candles on Geno's Storm Trooper cake.
PS: Love my Yak stubby holder too. Just thought I'd throw that in there...

The birthday-Boy!

The mandatory Happy Birthday song in progress.
Dankie almal; so dankbaar julle kom deel die dag saam met ons.

A rarity...Jess snapped this pic of Karin (aka my Lief) and I. Thanks mejuffrou.

Lily doing her party-trick with her salty-stone. Goes zombie-crazy if you try and take it from here.

The ladies chilling out. Unfortunately Mariaan and Petie had to leave early.

Slagter chill op die bank voor ons poeding opskep. Bad Spanner ;-)

Gene, Sanchia, Mila, Karla & Jess. Hulle word te gou groot!

...hier begin dit. Eers die Nerf-gun fights, ...

...toe Mila met die Iron Man disc-launcher...

Een van my gunstelling foto's van die dag. Baie mooi. 
Nogga mooi foto. Julle is maar mooi mense hoor! 

Ek laaik ook die foto. Almal lag so lekker.

Eugene, in his usual fashion, kept on looking for trouble with the big-boys.
Well, eventually he got the trouble he was seeking. Here is a 5 photo sequence.

Here he is asking me to help in a panicked tone. No chance!

Then Stevaans tipped the Esky on Eugene, uuhm, I mean Greg...look at Greg's face.
Blurred snaps, but I still like them!

Impact! Greg, we'll get Steven next time ;-)